[100 Emerging Women Leaders] These entrepreneurs give visibility to digital artists


school friends Anuskha Balaraj and Sumitra Natrajan recognized how, unlike traditional art, digital art was not getting the visibility it deserved.

In his quest to understand and bridge the gap and give visibility to digital artAnushka started The jump gallery in 2021, and soon it was joined by Sumitra.

The platform is primarily focused on discovering digital artists who bring something new and make their art accessible to a wider audience.

“The Leap Gallery is an attempt to promote a global network of groundbreaking digital artists who allow their works to speak for themselves,” says Anushka.

Anushka, entrepreneurship student; and Sumitra, a business student; come from a family that has been in the art industry for the past two decades. “Digital art is something new in the same dimension,” says Sumitra.

Anushka adds, “I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember and have dedicated four years to digital art. This passion has particularly grown during the pandemic.

In order to create a global network of digital artists in the midst of the new normal, the duo aims to establish a connection that also exists between artists in the conventional art space in the digital dimension.

“Each of our artists has their own story and it shows in their work. It’s so inspiring, and we want to give them the same recognition,” says Sumitra.

The duo are different in all the right ways and together form a team that has just the right synergy!

Reflecting on the obstacles they face in their journey, Anushka says, “The main challenge we face is discovering young creative talent while challenging the multiple social norms faced by young entrepreneurs and digital artists.”

Anushka and Sumitra went through the ordeal of not being taken seriously in their entrepreneurial journey due to their young age. Today, however, they are holding their own and are about to make it big!

“Over the past year, we have gone through several alternatives and constantly reinvented ourselves to make the business, especially the digital platforms, more flexible, visible and accessible to our customers and collectors around the world,” says Sumitra. .

Sumitra’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to support yourself and not pay attention to the people who try to bring you down, and Anushka asks us to challenge ourselves and learn by tackling problems directly, and we are Totally agree !


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