14 Most Promising Startups In The Creator Economy Of 2022, According To VCs

  • Insider asked venture capitalists which startups in the creator economy they find the most promising.
  • We told each VC to pick two companies, one of which was outside of their investment portfolio.
  • The best startups create products for creator monetization, fan engagement, and content creation.

As VCs slowly shake off the summer slump, returning from long-delayed vacations in faraway places like France, Greece or Italy, many expect the pace of transactions to pick up somewhat this fall.

The general consensus? After two years of uninterrupted pandemic turnover and management, followed by the summer downturn, investors are once again ready to chase startups and shell out capital to founders.

And that can also apply to funding startups in the creator economy. Despite recent layoffs at companies such as Spring, Linktree, PopShop Live and Jellysmack this year, funding for startups in the creator economy is on the rise, hitting $637 million this year as of July, according to Crunchbase.

But at least some investors are now taking a more pragmatic and frugal approach as they grapple with an unpredictable economy. The money is often given to startups in small amounts and in a more targeted way, VCs told Insider in August.

“Companies that can use product-driven growth, that are software-driven, and that build for the core functions of the economy, I think that’s what matters right now,” Josh Constine previously said. , a SignalFire partner, to Insider.

Start-ups in the creator economy are innovating to meet the diverse business needs of creators. For example, startup Protégé built a video messaging platform for creators to provide one-on-one mentorship to users for a fee. Catch, meanwhile, offers creators health insurance and individual retirement accounts.

Insider reached out to a select group of creator-focused VCs to get their thoughts on the most promising creator startups. This list was determined by Insider based on the nominations we received from these VCs, as well as our independent reports. We considered factors such as the direction of the startup and its potential impact on the influencer industry as a whole.

Here are 14 exciting startups poised to impact the creator economy in 2022 and beyond:


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