A comfortable workplace for a writer, breaking the stereotypical norms of the corporate world

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A comfortable workplace for a writer, breaking the stereotypical norms of the corporate world

Posted on March 10, 2022

Content is the key to reaching people which builds your brand image with customers and promotes brand awareness. With the advancement of technology, people find comfort in collecting information digitally instead of visiting libraries or reading newspapers. In this busy world, you get all your questions answered with just one click, and that’s where companies like MyInscribe come into play.

With its headquarters in the “City of Nawabs” in Lucknow, India, MyInscribe Digital Private Limited is a content writing company committed to driving value-added growth for brands through the power of content. Content has the ability to make or break a brand, so delivering quality content to customers is what MyInscribe believes in.

The company produces a range of content for its clients, ranging from blog posts and articles to product descriptions and product reviews, content for academic knowledge to social media posts and so on. MyInscribe is home to diligent writers and content creators who enjoy generating content and expanding their horizons through the variety of opportunities available.

The founder and CEO of the company Mudit Goyal says: “With absolute commitment mixed with the experience of our highly qualified team, we have been able to provide our clients with carefully researched and quality content which, in turn, opens the door to new opportunities for both company and for its members.”

The company was established in the second half of 2020 amid the pandemic to create a platform for a writer to pursue their passion for writing with compensation to incentivize it. Many know that corporate culture imposes many regimes on employees and that fixed working hours can become monotonous for many. MyInscribe goes beyond these stereotypical standards and comes across as a comfortable platform for its team.

“Keeping the workplace comfortable to share your thoughts without fear of judgment and make new friends. Meeting like-minded people to provide them with a safe platform to enjoy and have meaningful conversations when you have no one is what MyInscribe is, and so every MyInscriber is like a member of my family” , explains Mudit.

He further adds: “Working and creating quality content is not only the responsibility of each MyInscriber. Instead, it’s about being completely dedicated and working with all your heart to deliver correct and clean information to customers. This is to ensure that the generated content inspires trust in the mind of the client as well as the audience.

It is these beliefs of the founder and his team that make MyInscribe such a wonderful content creation agency. In just two years of its establishment, MyInscribe has managed to build a team of skillful writers who together have served over 150 clients, generating 25 million words for them across all niches.

Adding to the comfort of the team, the company works on flexible schedules, providing each employee with all the ease and fame that one seeks and wishes to have in a job.

Talking about the continued growth of the business, Mudit says he looks forward to developing MyInscribe as a full-fledged digital marketing agency in the future.

Based in Lucknow with a passionate Founder and CEO, Mudit Goyal, working in digital marketing and content writing, with his enthusiastic team of diligent writers, MyInscribe is a content writing company. The company has developed a very satisfied customer base with A-grade content that increases its profits in multiple ways.


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