A content creator develops a network / a collective to educate and diversify the play space

Amira Virgil

The Black Network is designed to educate Black Woman content creators on the business side of networking and creation.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, September 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Popular content creator Amira Virgil is pleased to announce the official launch of her brand new network / collective, The Noir Network LLC, specially designed to help Black Woman content creators learn the business side of the industry. Virgil is highly touted as being prolific in the video game industry – referred to as a tour de force in the Simmer community, Sims expert, Twitch partner, Twitch ambassador, and even claims an appearance on a reality show, The Sims Spark. ‘d.

The Black Network is a network created for black women in the content creation space that focuses on education and brand development. The platform was developed after Virgil was told that black content creators were earning significantly less than their non-black counterparts. On top of that, Virgil also learned that many content creators, regardless of their demographics, don’t know how to monetize their platforms, how to maintain them, and how to network and build relationships.

“Once I got out of my comfort zone and started discussing business with other creators, it came to my attention that content creators don’t communicate enough with each other – and I realized that things had to change, ”explains Virgil. “I’m super excited to launch Noir. We’ve only been online 6 months and have done some really great things for the community. I want to get back into the community and allow all types of people to create content – and not to be afraid to be different. “

According to Virgil, Noir was developed out of necessity six months ago during the ongoing global pandemic to support Black femme content creators during this crucial time. Subsequently, Noir is looking to break into other industries as well, with many of them entering the gaming space and taking an interest in influencer marketing.

“Noir supports content creators and gamers looking to grow their individual brands, as well as businesses looking for influencers to market their products and services as well,” says Virgil. “COVID has, in a way, brought many industries and individuals together in ways we’ve never seen before. “

For more information on The Noir Network, please visit https://www.thenoirnetwork.net or https://www.twitch.tv/thenoirnetwork.

About the Black Network

As a 28 year old black woman in the gaming industry, Amira Virgil wanted to create a space for black women to collaborate, learn and grow together as a community in light of all the racism, misogyny and falsehood. representation in the gaming community. The Noir Network community is an extremely diverse group that specializes in creating game, lifestyle and beauty content.

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