A Day in the Life: Caitlin and Leah, TikTok Content Creators


Caitlin and Leah are a British couple who have gained great popularity on social media through their collaborative content creation.

You may have spotted some brides, Caitlin and Leah, on your TikTok For You page, sharing wellness content surrounding their relationship, passions, and interests. The couple didn’t expect to become famous on social media, but now, a year later, Caitlin and Leah have over five million TikTok followers, 367,000 Instagram followers and 142,000 YouTube subscribers who are invested in the couple’s trip. The growing number of followers on these social platforms has allowed Caitlin and Leah to share content full time.

According to their management agency, Outreach, Caitlin and Leah are leading advocates for LGBTQ + and mental health. The conversations they share online are raw and important, especially when it comes to their mental health journeys, but their infectious personalities have helped create a following following who find entertainment and solace in their content.

Caitlin and Lea

Now spending their daily lives working together to produce fresh, unique and engaging content for their social media, Caitlin and Leah provided Talking Influence with a glimpse into what a day in their life looks like.

Caitlin and Leah start their day at 7 a.m., wake up, have breakfast, and get ready. Many content creators have the freedom to work on the schedule they choose, some may even decide that being nocturnal is fine for them, but having this day-to-day structure allows the couple to successfully reach milestones. that they need every day.

Once they’re ready, Caitlin and Leah prioritize their branding work. They have already worked with major global brands such as Disney, Spotify and Subway. Towards the end of this year, Caitlin and Leah worked on some particularly prestigious projects that really solidified their reputation as content creators.

A recent campaign that Caitlin and Leah worked on for hair and personal care brand, Estrid, hit a million views on TikTok in just 12 hours – a number of views the pair are successfully meeting very regularly. Another ‘pinch me’ moment for girls they achieved in late October was a collaboration with YouTube and Ed Sheeran for the #sheeranshorts campaign.

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With all the pending branding work covered, Caitlin and Leah have the opportunity to create their own organic content for their TikTok and YouTube channels. With most of their followers based on TikTok, Caitlin and Leah’s short form, humorous content is what they’re most known for, and they make sure to take the time each day to share multiple videos on the platform. form.

Caitlin and Leah also enjoy spending the afternoon creating different content for their YouTube channel, where they create longer videos that delve into important topics in mental health and the LGBTQ + community, as well as collaborating on projects with brands such as PrettyLittleThing and LOOKFANTASTIC.

Between 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. or so, Caitlin and Leah post their videos online and respond to their viewers’ comments. Meanwhile, most people are done with their day’s work and are taking the time to scroll through their social feeds – prime time for engaging content creators.

Here’s what a typical day looks like for Caitlin and Leah, although 2021 saw content creators attend live and in-person events such as Social and the City and Tok Fest, giving them the chance to interact with those in the audience. watch them online every day. .

Emilio Arciniega, co-founder of Outreach Agency, which manages Caitlin and Leah, says, “To be honest Caitlin and Leah make our lives easier because they are so committed to their careers. Nothing is too important to them and they are incredibly responsive.

“As a team and as an agency, we try to keep our lists short so that we can provide a high level of care to our creators. This allows us to take a close look at every aspect of their day-to-day lives, whether it’s brand partnerships, social media optimization, business opportunities, or even just their personal lives. I think the key for us is to help our creators find a way to build lasting careers and I think Caitlin and Leah are creating a great example of that.

Caitlin and Leah’s work gives you an idea of ​​what a typical day can look like for a social media content creator. As a new year dawns, we expect to see new opportunities for content creators to expand their lists even further on emerging platforms such as TikTok Live Shopping, and of course, the Metaverse. Watch this place!


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