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Abhi and Niyu’s Niyati Mavinkurve is a content creator with millions of social media followers. Read our exclusive interview with her.

Social media is flooded with content creators and influencers. However, few take ownership of the content they present to their audience. Among a handful of them are Niyati Mavinkurve and Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha, popularly known as Abhi and Niyu.

In 2021, they were among the Forbes India 30 under 30. While Abhi started his career as a content creator in 2017, Niyu joined him in 2018. The power couple has 2.6 million followers on Instagram .

Through YouTube and other social media platforms, they post solution-focused videos that can help people learn something new. For example, in the past they talked about topics like the pandemic, the water crisis, composting, travel, relationships, etc.

In an exclusive interview with HerZindagi, Niyu talked about the gender pay gap, what content the duo plans to upload in the future, and more.

“Achieving matters more than numbers”

Asked about the responsibility they feel in delivering content for millions of subscribers, Niyu replied, “Reach is more important than numbers.” The couple’s goal isn’t just to get a million more people to subscribe, but to raise awareness about their surroundings.

They feel that by raising awareness they are somehow helping the country. In one of their videos, Niyu talked about cervical cancer and how HPV is the only vaccine in India that can help women significantly avoid the risk of getting it.

Abhi and Niyu know the value of online content and how it can shape minds. She said: “We make sure to publish responsible, serious and well-researched content. Our goal is to post videos that our followers and subscribers can resonate with.

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“Content trumps genre”

We asked Niyu if she thinks online content creation is an area where talent outweighs the gender pay gap. She said, “In our industry, content always trumps genre.”

While it’s evident in other spaces that women are paid less than men for the same amount of work, Niyu said, “YouTube doesn’t see your gender when it pays you. It depends on the content you serve and the advertisements that serve on it. However, branding is another source of income for content creators, and it’s unclear whether there is pay parity in this area.

She added, “The money is coming into the content community, everyone should know what and how to get it out there.”

“Don’t let success go to your head”

Niyu’s advice to people looking to become online content creators is to be patient. She says it takes time and persistent effort to reach a certain level and earn income through social media.

She suggested, “Don’t let immediate or short-term success go to your head. New content creators need to focus on quality content.

With algorithms that change every day, we can only sustain in this area if they put useful content. She also said, “You have to be adaptable.”

Give an example of people who initially posted content via images have now adopted the video strategy because social media platforms are promoting it. Therefore, one must be ready to take on new challenges and explore opportunities as they arise.

social media success

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Future prospects

Talking about the content that Abhi and Niyu will upload in the future, the content creator shared that soon his followers will be able to see more documentary videos that provide detailed information on a topic.

They are also converting the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita into a more absorbing form for present and future generations. Another area they are looking to explore is documenting their travel diaries.

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With the ongoing pandemic, they had put it on hold, but soon they will be traveling and sharing experiences from their travels across India.


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