Alum and her friend create a podcast to help content creators


Courtesy of Kate Andrews and Jessie Wyman.

The world of content creation can be hard to break into, especially when you’re on your own.

the Content Creation Cocktails and Podcast offers advice on how to improve your brand. The podcast was launched at the end of October 2020.

Kate Andrews ’11 transferred from Pace University to Emerson during her freshman year as a journalism major, then earned her master’s degree in broadcast journalism. Andrews met her friend and now co-anchor Jessie Wyman through her husband, who worked at MassDOT with Wyman, when they were dating at the time.

Andrews and her husband went to school and work together. One day, she called him while he was at work after finishing his course, and he invited her to go to Sweetwater Tavern with him and his colleagues.

“I did and Jessie was one of the people that was there that night,” Andrews said.

Since then, the two have stayed in touch, but after quitting their corporate jobs, they eventually reconnected and became independent. After college, Andrews became a broadcast journalist and eventually got into public relations, working at an engineering firm. She then started freelancing and writing for her blog. Fashionable Kate & Co. Wyman started it photography businessas well as a photography course.

“I had actually hired Kate to do some content creation for my business,” Wyman said. “She helped write some of the blogs I needed and that role has since expanded.”

Eventually, in August 2020, Wyman asked Andrews if she wanted to start a podcast as another creative outlet, and so created the Cocktails & Content Creation podcast. They decided to focus on creating content based on their experiences as freelancers.

“There are a lot of things entrepreneurs need to learn and navigate when creating content, and we thought it would be a good journey to share with our audience: how to create it, how to make it easy, appeal to experts on different methodologies and best practices in the predominantly female entrepreneurship industry,” Wyman said.

Wyman said the main goal of the podcast is to help listeners create content with confidence.

“Ultimately, at the end of each episode, they’re supposed to be able to walk away with some practical advice or a change of mindset in creating content for their corporate brand, blog, or whatever. what they’re working on,” Wyman mentioned.

The co-hosts interview each other to share personal experiences and advice, or talk to outside guests, mostly women. Often, they find themselves learning alongside their audience.

“Every show we learned something new, and I really appreciate that,” Andrews said. “But sometimes I like those episodes where I don’t know what to expect, and I learn so much along the way.”

The co-presenters attribute the podcast’s success to Andrews’ background in production through his experience as a broadcast journalist and starting his own podcast, as well as Wyman’s history in business and marketing through photography.

“There are a lot of little details that I never would have known but are really important to plan for and Kate was a really big part of that,” Wyman said. “Once we had a few shows that we knew [what topics we] wanted to have, we kind of backed it up from there [and was like,] “Okay, we need our music, we need a license, music for our intro, we need our mics.” Kate was able to research on which website we [were going to have] and we have a website domain.

Being friends before becoming co-presenters also helped keep the podcast running smoothly.

“We already had this working relationship because of Jessie’s blog and Jessie had taken a lot of my photos,” Andrews said. “Jessie had started taking a lot of photos for my blog because she had moved from wedding and family photography to portrait, brand and lifestyle photography businesses.”

The pair currently don’t have any sponsors and aren’t looking to cash in on the podcast anytime soon, as they’re solely passionate about helping their viewers build their confidence as content creators and improve their craft.

“We’re not just talking about the basics of getting your website seen or getting more customers,” Andrews said. “We’re talking about how to add confidence because sometimes you push the post on something, whether it’s a blog post or an Instagram post, or an offer you have for your customers, and you’re sort of sitting there thinking to yourself, ‘is this going to be any good? are people going to like this or read this?’

Listen to the Cocktails & Content Creation podcast here


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