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Birds & Bats by Morgan Beresford – “It’s an amazing experience to be a local artist and to leave a mark on the city you grew up in”.

Eve Jeffery

Making trash look great is the result of a recent art competition in Lismore – Indigenous art, koalas, rainbows, bats and lorikeets all feature in works of art that will be soon to be printed on new trash cans in Carrington Street.

The call for murals to spruce up trash cans is part of the Lismore Laneways project designed to create a more vibrant CBD to support our local businesses.

Intertwined: People and Places by Carmen Grady

The works were created by local artists as part of the Design A Bin competition which received nearly 50 entries.

Diversity of our community

Respect & Effort by Rasharnie Smith.

Cattle Dog and Rainbow by Mish Moran.

The Heart of Lismore by Rebekkah Cottam⁠.

All Lismore by Nina Hurr.

Lismore City Council Mayor Vanessa Ekins congratulated the six award-winning artists and thanked those who participated. “The winning artwork reflects the diversity of our community and will draw visitors to our fantastic, bustling lanes, which is great for our CBD businesses,” she said.

The competition, in collaboration with the Back Alley Gallery, is supported by Northern Rivers Waste in collaboration with The Lismore Laneways Project.

A positive impact on CBD and businesses

Lismore City Council liveable and active communities director Tony Duffy said the Lismore Laneways project will have a positive impact on CBD and businesses. “Already rich in local art, the Design A Bin competition will make our lanes a truly unique destination in Lismore, bringing in tourism and supporting local businesses,” he said.

“The Lismore Laneways project will also activate underutilized land, create a new downtown public space while showcasing local art.”

The six artists selected to appear on the new Carrington Street bins are Interlaced: People and place by Carmen Grady, The heart of Lismore by Rebekkah Cottam⁠, All Lismore by Nina Hurr, Birds and bats by Morgan Beresford, Bouvier & Rainbow by Mish Moran⁠ and Respect & Effort by Rasharnie Smith.

The character and uniqueness of Lismore

One of the winning artists is Morgan Beresford says she the criteria for the competition were works of art that reflected the character and uniqueness of Lismore. The artists also received a color palette that she incorporated into her piece. Birds and bats.

Mrs Beresford says the work took about a day and was completed in a few sessions. “My piece was created digitally which is a whole new process / medium for me. It gives you the ability to manipulate and overlay your work and create in high definition. I’ve been doing more and more digital work like this piece since this year, it’s an incredibly dynamic way to create.

A rare opportunity

Mrs Beresford tThe prize was to have your artwork printed and installed on the side of the bins at Lismore. “This is a rare opportunity to display and produce your work in this way. “

Mrs Beresford say that ot over the past few years she has been doing commission work primarily on Australian birds and wildlife. “This design uses many of my usual subjects. Illustration and especially digital art have paved the way for me to illustrate and work in some of the region’s film and television productions over the past 12 months. It’s incredibly humbling to be a local artist and to illustrate something so creative and high caliber. ‘

Ms Beresford says she really enjoyed the project and praised Lismore Council for the concept.I thought this was a great idea and hope to see other similar competitions in the future from the Council.

“It’s an amazing experience to be a local artist and to leave a mark on the city you grew up in. “

Artist Morgan Morgan Beresford at work. Photo provided.


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