Autism Students Create Covid Visually Impaired Website to Keep Them Up to Date


Three autistic students from Chennai have developed the country’s first website for COVID-19 data for the visually impaired Indian community.


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First reported by NDTV, the website streamlines information from government websites – state governments, the Central Council as well as the Indian Council for Medical Research.

Why is this needed?

Usually a visually impaired person uses PCs or smartphones with the help of screen readers that read aloud all information on the screen.. However, due to complex and more graphically loaded websites, these players do not work as efficiently.

To get around this, the trio developed a portal that takes information from these sites and puts it in a simplified HTML format that screen readers can easily read.

The three students behind the website are Prem, Pranav Sridhar and Saravana Raj. The website is the brainchild of a techie social entrepreneur, Manu Sekhar, Founder and CEO of HashHackCode who taught coding and web design in his academy and later remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manu, said in a statement: “These people are turned down for most of the opportunities. They are always pushed into low-skilled jobs. It proves to all of them that they are capable people and that they solve the world’s problems. real”.

Pranav Sridhar, 21, is currently studying visual communication and has now become an accessible web developer.

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Parents are actively involved

Prem Shankar, 25, is the one updating COVID data from his laptop, taking help from his mother, Roopa Sridhar, who had to quit her job and learn coding to help Sridhar. Together they make money by creating websites for weddings.

covid-19 autism website

Deepa Satish, Saravana Raj’s mother who also moved her home from Tuticorin to Chennai to help her son develop his skills, says she is very happy and that they have proven that these children can also create websites and learn more about HTML and CSS coding.

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Mothers are working together to sensitize IT companies and businesses to encourage openness to qualified people with autism.

The site is extremely useful

The site is a boon for many visually impaired people across the country, including one Selvamani, a visually impaired IAS aspirant who keeps abreast of the latest trends in COVID cases in Nethrodaya – an institution for the visually impaired.

Nethrodaya founder C. Govindakrishnan says the site has given them “a lot of momentum and raised our confidence to another level.”


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