Blake’s world: a passion for content creation


How did you get into this field?

Living right by the beach and growing up near the ocean inspired me. My friends were all surfers and although I tried it, I was never very good at it – I was also afraid of big waves. After finding my mom’s old camera, I took it to the beach to capture some photos of my friends in action. I found a little niche that I loved and found myself on the sand capturing those moments as often as possible.

Who are your heroes?

I think I come from an unusual background in content creation, so I look at smaller creators, rather than some of the big names in the industry. I owe much of my success to Trent Brailey, a local storytelling genius. Trent helped me edit my first surf video. It’s people like him, and Glenn Hall, that I really appreciate and admire. For inspiration, regarding content creation and cinematography, I can’t get past Sam Kolder. Dude is a genius.

Do you work as a team or is everything solo?

I’ve been a solo designer since day one. I think that’s the only way to learn. I ruined a lot of things by being thrown in the deep end, but I love it. Now that I have started working on larger scale productions such as TV series/TVC style content, I have had to start collaborating with teams. I like working with people who have the same passion and drive as me. It makes for solid content.

Do you find that by doing these company concerts, your creativity is inhibited? What is your philosophy on this?

I think corporate gigs are only limited if you limit yourself to them. Everyone needs creativity, even businesses. Being on the same page as customers early in the process makes things much easier. I’d rather not pursue a project where a client wants something done for them that anyone could create. I want my work to stand out and be unique. It’s 2022, and people want and need to stand out. Relationships with the right people and the right customers are essential for me.

What is the end goal?

Having worked on surfing projects for so long at the start of my still very young career, I have now stepped out of my comfort zone to embark on an array of different projects. I worked with Kyal and Kara, who are ex-The block candidates, on a range of social and television projects. I think these are great stepping stones to getting into bigger production and starting to work with some of the best creators in the world. I want to start a production house and collaborate with other like-minded people on projects that we are passionate about.


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