Bluetick Consultants Launches Digital Marketing Services for Startups and Small Businesses


Indore, India : Every business today needs digital marketing services. For startups and small businesses, it all comes down to budgeting because resources are limited.

The majority of them usually rely on freelance digital marketing consultants or low-budget digital marketing agencies for startups. However, even after making every effort, small businesses remain uncertain about the performance of digital marketing for startups.

Indore-based Bluetick Consultants aims to solve this challenge faced by startups and small businesses and for this they have launched digital marketing services for startups and small businesses.

Bluetick Consultants has been in the digital marketing industry for over 11 years now and has served over 400 clients worldwide in various industries and has a 99% retention rate. Some of its clients include, Official Hash Exchange, Omaxe, Ramdev, FSL11, New Race Course, Peeschute among others. Through its services, Bluetick Consultants promises to work to reduce small businesses’ reliance on external resources for brand awareness with a personalized digital marketing strategy for startups.

“Big companies have strong marketing teams, but what about startups and small businesses that have similar good products, but don’t have huge resources and capabilities,” says the CEO and co- founder Shivang Bakliwal, who launched Bluetick Consultants as India’s first data-driven vendor. digital marketing agency and has worked on multiple models to find scalable solutions for small businesses. He was soon joined by his brother Shashank Bakliwal and his friend Saloni Tapadiya as co-founders.

“We kept trying to solve the problem with different solutions before launching digital marketing services for small businesses and startups that include search engine marketing, lead generation, social media marketing and more. .” Shashank comes from a strong marketing background and serves as COO of Bluetick Consultants, while Shivani has a strong technical background and serves as CTO of Bluetick Consultants.

The organization offers a wide range of digital marketing services as digital marketing consultants with their Google advertising specialists to create personalized marketing campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other digital channels. This is especially for small businesses and startups so that they can effectively leverage digital marketing services with minimum budget.

“The market is very crowded, but only to serve businesses. Few solve much of the industry, i.e. startups and small businesses. One reason is that very few digital marketing agencies are well positioned to solve them at scale, as digital marketing requires a lot of technical, marketing and design expertise,” Saloni said.

Data-driven storytellers work with a long-term goal of making a mark on most of the small businesses and startups they serve around the world. By the end of 2022, it aims to serve 100 brands.

“So far we have been started profitably, but we are in talks with investors for faster growth. Basically, we aim to be a digital marketing agency of choice, for startups and small businesses” , signs Shivang.

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India’s leading data-driven storytellers, Bluetick Consultants is a digital marketing company with offices in Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai. Using tools like data-driven analytics, AI, AR and a great sense of humor, at Bluetick Consultants it’s all about giving you the BlueTick Consultants of your clients and audiences. on line.

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