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Bangladesh is a country teeming with sports fanatics. People here have incorporated their emotions into the thrill and despair that has accompanied every game for decades. Whether it is football or cricket, the crowd is there in factions or in masses. The pandemic may have been a turning point for the sports scenario in Bangladesh. With sports enthusiasts craving for interesting content, online sports journalism has experienced an unprecedented rise.
This is where self-taught content creators, driven by their love for the game, came in. With easy access to audiences through social media and with proper analysis of secondary and primary sources, people are now benefiting from an interesting concoction of sports and journalistic content takes online.
Keeping the mainstream route out of the way, they introduced individual journalism into sport without the support of the mainstream media. This has mainly been possible thanks to Facebook pages and the easy availability of content creation resources.
After seeing such an exciting prospect in the avenue of sports journalism, attempts have been made to examine the details of this newly discovered avenue. Shihab Hasan Neyon, Saif Ahmed Chowdhury and ‘Plaantik’ – a few well-known names in the booming arena of online sports journalism – were interviewed.
Neyon and on: Shihab Hasan Neyon burst onto the scene with his energetic videos with a familiar delivery that were overwhelmingly enjoyed by sports fans. His late-night series “Noob Football Discussion” drew enthusiastic responses as he delved into the EUROS and COPA America events with proper analysis and post-match reactions. This scribe spoke to Neyon from his perspective on the entire sports content creation industry.
“After every game we the fans feel an adrenaline rush that we want to show somewhere and I think ‘Neyon & On’ is the platform for that. I always try to portray the emotions that the fans are going through every moment of the season. The creation of sports content is something that we should promote more in our country. “
Consistency is key in this area of ​​creation, says Neyon. He shared an example from when EURO and COPA ran simultaneously.
“I remember an example, when I fell asleep during the game and Fahim had to call over 20 times to wake me up. Zawad, on the other hand, always pushed me whenever I felt lazy to download videos. Creating sports content is a team game and I think the Neyon & On team do their best to serve sports fans. “
Stories with Saïf: Saif Ahmed Chowdhury, best known for his in-depth analysis of cricket and thoughtful opinions, started with a Facebook page and his Sportsfeed group. Being also knowledgeable on matters of cricket and sports, his engagement with the public has been to exchange opinions and open analysis. When meeting with Saif about his journey, he had to add: “It was just a month before the 2019 World Cup when I felt it was time to create my own personal page where he didn’t That would be my take on the beautiful game. They say it takes time to make friends, but it only takes a minute when you start talking about sports with each other. ”
“I have never been someone very good at analyzing the game. I just try to interpret the emotions of the fans through my platform and this is one of the best decisions I have made. in life. What I started just for the sake of passion evolved into a brand. My name Saif evolved into ‘Stories with Saif’ and this platform gave me amazing people, enthusiasts of the game and my dream job, “commented the young sports journalist.
“It’s wonderful to see how almost every day new content creators with different niches are now developing in Bangladesh. have only one message for you: the future is now. Make the most of it. “
Plaantik: Plaantik embarked on his journey 10 years ago with the aim of providing the crowd of football fans in Bangladesh with information, discussion and, possibly, content, about football. Plaantik has grown steadily since its inception. Plaantik even got coverage on ESPN Sportscenter and has been actively involved in conserving the digital landscape of Bangladeshi football.
Plaantik began at a time when very little media understood the power of sport on social media. “We were one of the first to organize and create original football content in the digital space – not just in Bangladesh – but around the world,” said Tawsif Bin Akkas, CEO of Plaantik.
Being one of the first players distinguished Plaantik and the platform has built its credibility over the years thanks to a few strategic partnerships and collaborations. At the end of the day, continues the CEO, “We saw a gap in the market, we rushed in and built a strong community that has been with us for over a decade now. We would like to believe that we were way ahead of the game when it came to innovative ways to interact with an online crowd, some of which are still being adopted by the market. “
“Working with football in the digital sphere in Bangladesh is quite a unique challenge, especially considering the overall sporting landscape of the country,” said Ahnaf Ahmed, COO of Plaantik.
“But our strength is our organic connection with our audience and it allows us to explore innovative revenue sources that have made us sustainable,” said the sports enthusiast of their journey as a unit.
“Over the years, we have partnered with local and international names who have not only positioned our brand uniquely in the football media landscape, but have also created a lasting connection with the audience we seek to serve.”

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