Chartmetric Acquires OneSheet for Artist Data Representations


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Chartmetric has acquired OneSheet, a simple tool for creating instant representations of artist data.

OneSheet creates stunning artist sheets in seconds, pulling data from multiple sources on the web. The acquisition will allow OneSheet to be powered with Chartmetric data, offering proprietary analysis of artist data for insights, trends, and more. Chartmetric says it plans to show how it will integrate OneSheet into its platform in the coming months.

OneSheet does it possible to generate electronic press kits (EPKs) for artists at the touch of a button. Having online representation is essential to building a brand for any musical artist. Generating EPKs for music websites used to be a time-consuming process.

OneSheet makes it easy by collecting data already on the web. OneSheet artist data includes Spotify and social stats, recent YouTube videos, tour dates pulled from Bandsintown, and more. Each OneSheet can be edited to include any data the artist wishes to display. Chartmetric keeps the app available for everyone, and it’s 100% free at this time.

Chartmetric itself has become a one-stop solution for managing an artist’s presence online with meaningful and impactful information. The company was launched in 2016 and provides access to data from several social platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Pandora, Instagram and Facebook.

OneSheet co-founder Mike Miller says, “Chartmetric is in the best position to take it to the next level. We’re excited to see the product evolve and help a wider audience simplify and energize their artist marketing. »

Digital Music News has already explored several ways Chartmetric is helping change the way the music industry processes data. We’ve taken a deep dive into social media scandals and how they can impact an artist’s following across multiple channels, like loss of monthly Spotify listeners and engagement on Twitter. This unique insight is only available because of the way Chartmetric brings together huge amounts of data into easy to use insights.


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