Cordial Releases Major Data Platform Updates For Cross-Channel Marketing


– Architect ™ enables brands to use new sources of data and machine learning to dynamically create and deploy personalized marketing communications –

SAN DIEGO, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cordial, the leading cross-channel marketing platform, today announced the consumer release of Architect, a major improvement to its data platform. Architect enables marketers to create personalized marketing messages more powerfully than ever by automating data imports, improving data quality by transforming it for marketing activation, using machine learning to automate messaging optimization and creating the industry’s most advanced predictive models for customer engagement.

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Architect enables marketers to connect with customers using a level of personalization that was previously impossible

“We created Architect because we wanted to give marketers the ability to connect with their customers using a level of personalization that was previously impossible, and Architect can do in seconds what no other marketing platform. cross-channel can only do, “said Jeremy swift, co-founder and CEO of Cordial. “In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, one-size-fits-all approaches no longer work for sophisticated marketers. By unifying and transforming data and enabling marketers to create custom models tailored to their unique business needs, our clients achieve significantly improved results and benefit from the ability to connect with each client in infinitely more meaningful ways and precious.”

Marketers who had access to the beta of Architect have documented impressive results: as stated in the recent Cordial release Cross-channel marketing study, on average, the company’s advanced data models generate more than 2 times the revenue per message (RPM) through email, SMS / MMS, push notifications, mobile apps and other digital marketing channels, and 3 times more RPMs for triggered marketing messages.

“Architect is an exciting upgrade to the already impressive capabilities of Cordial’s data platform that has already had a huge impact on our campaigns,” said Hailey pettit, senior manager of the marketing lifecycle at Nurx. “Not only can we run smarter campaigns faster, but we’re also creating even better customer experiences in the process. “

The main features of Architect include:

  • Flexible data architecture. Using Cordial’s native Extract, Transform, and Load (“ETL”) technology, marketers can fully automate the process of importing their customer data into Cordial – often from a myriad of sources. comprising disparate data structures and schemas. In turn, they can streamline data much faster, link it deterministically to individual customer records and understand it on their own, without requiring IT intervention or support.

  • More actionable data on a single platform. Unlike other platforms which only store data for a limited period (i.e. only the most recent 30-60 days customer data is kept), Architect allows marketers to ” import, transform and enrich unlimited customer history and 18 months of event data. , in order to unify the most robust and accurate view of each client, and to build unique models on the Cordial platform to engage clients according to their specific needs.

  • Customizable predictive models for each client. Marketers can leverage Architect’s advanced predictive models for everything from attrition propensity, product affinity, lifetime value and customer engagement scores, but can also create easily custom models (and marketing automation triggers) based on their own needs, rules, and inputs, specific to their business or even external factors such as real-time supply chain data .

“Architect makes the Cordial platform truly, fully customizable – if you dream about it, you can build it,” said Scott Eckman, general manager of ecommerce and vice president of marketing at Rockler Companies, Inc. “It seems like there is no limit on the contact level data you can put into the platform and then mine for. triggers, personalization or segmentation in emails or other messages. “

Today, Architect’s mass market launch follows a series of recent major product announcements for Cordial, including being named as the first and only cross-marketing technology platform. channel to be available in the Digital Customer Experience category in Amazon Web Services Marlet.

Cordial is a cross-channel marketing platform that helps marketers create highly personalized experiences and use data imaginatively to communicate with customers through email, SMS, and mobile apps. Founded in San diego, california, Cordial was created with the belief that marketing should be more thoughtful and that brands deserve a better experience working with technology partners. Today, brands like Revolve, Backcountry, Eddie bauer, and Purple are leveraging Cordial’s platform and people to drive revenue growth and send a better message. Connect with us at


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