Creating Uniqueness in Music – Harrison Wain, aka BOXBOY


In the field of music and the performing arts, it is very difficult to impose yourself and be recognized all your life. There are many artists who possess the endless potential to rise in the industry, but very few stay there long enough to reach their potential. The artists who make their mark have an unwavering motivation and passion for their art and their career. They make sure to always do their best and offer something different to people through their music, which can help them stand out from other players in the industry.

In the ever-changing music industry, performers and music producers need to deliver unique and relevant content. But that shouldn’t be the only motivation for them to create it, as there are better ways to channel the passion for music and achieve success. Harrison Wain, better known as BOXBOY, proved his musical passion when he amazed people with his singles and his prowess in creating rock, trap and alternative indie music. From being a video maker and having achieved enormous success becoming the young Australian musician he is today, reaching over 500,000 on two of his singles, BOXBOY has indeed come a long way, achieving all this at only 21 years old.

BOXBOY kindly agreed to present some ways that can help other musicians and creators to stand out and create their unique artist identity.

  • To know itself: To be in tune with the world you have to be in tune with yourself – this is true of all musical artists. Musicians must have a high sense of clarity as to who they are and what they want. This helps the artist better understand their art and what could be done to improve it. Authenticity is what sets performers apart from the dense competition in the music world. True artists who have a deeply rooted belief and identity do not seek to become as famous or revered as the big names in the music world; they focus only on themselves, their music and their craft. They create music because they love what they do, formulating their own perspective of their world, ultimately extracting what can be called their unique artist identity.

  • Remember your roots: Knowing and understanding why you are doing, what you are doing, is an extremely important way to rise as an artist. For a musician, the goal should not be to connect with the audience but to connect with those who believe what the artist believes. For this, you have to remember their roots, why they started this journey as an artist, what prompted them to create a particular art in a particular way, etc. all of this must be understood by the artist in order to stand out. BOXBOY mentions that several times, musicians are inspired by the path of other artists; While there is nothing wrong with doing this, he also suggests that people first draw inspiration from their own life experiences, struggles, obstacles they have faced, and how. they overcame it all. This inspiration will help them stay steadfast on their path and will also help them remember who they are from the inside out.

  • Coherence and consistency: Becoming an artist is a difficult task, but doing it over and over and continually building momentum around what you do is even harder work. To achieve the glory of a musical artist, one must practice his art with the same vigor, the same passion and the same determination to do it in a coherent and constant manner, as they had begun at the beginning of their career. Artists are often too overwhelmed by the first successes they achieve; However, BOXBOY says they should never take these successes too seriously and always strive for excellence in their craft by focusing on consistency in their efforts and hard work, taking each day as it is. comes and challenging themselves to improve their musical craft as an ensemble.

Harrison Wain, aka the BOXBOY, had enjoyed tremendous success while working as a video maker, but realizing that music was where his heart was hanging, he courageously made the decision to make that transition from social media to the music. He understood his roots and himself and pursued his dream with effective consistency and constancy. The talented young boy from Sydney, Australia shines with his brilliance as a musical singer, performer and creator. BOXBOY has composed over 250 rock, trap and alternative indie songs and is preparing for more.


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