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Rohit Mehta, Founder and CEO of Digital Gabbar

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This decade saw the advent of the use of digital technology in everyday life. It has seen tremendous growth from several social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The presence of more people on the Internet has dramatically transformed the dimensions of many individuals and businesses, therefore if they have the “right” knowledge to fit the “target audience” to their page and how to get the most out of it. party of the elephantine audience which is present. on the Internet, they can then reap unprecedented long-term benefits and make a huge return on investment (ROI).

One of these dedicated individuals, Rohit Mehta, Founder and CEO of Digital Gabbar, encountered the problem of proper coaching and therefore “right” knowledge when he was new to the field. As a child, Rohit Mehta was a techie. Everything related to technology fascinated him and he began to acquire computer skills.

Mehta also has a keen interest in writing. He started blogging but didn’t know how to make the blog popular. Being a novice, he did not give up, instead began to write on various platforms. After writing several blogs, he was considering entering the broad field of digital marketing. Due to the lack of guidance his journey had been an uphill battle, he even went bankrupt, but then rose like a phoenix. With years of experience in the field, he learned digital marketing strategies on his own and became the leader and most renowned digital marketing company in India.

He started his business, Digital Gabbar, which created a buzz among digital marketing aspirants. After facing a lack of guidance, Mehta decided to be a mentor for aspiring digital marketers so that no one would run into problems like him. Digital Gabbar aims to educate newbies on the caveats of digital marketing and associated subgenres. The Digital Gabbar team are very active and make sure their audience wouldn’t miss a single update on the digital world and industry trends.

Mehta is a caring person, he believes that knowledge increases when you distribute it. He reveals the secrets of success on digital platforms to people looking for him, with his advice from proven experts who can support seekers in any way they can. Some of them are:

Consultable appointment

Mehta thinks there’s no point in working hard if people don’t notice you. It is above all about being “found” so that the public can find what they are looking for. It will serve both the giver and the taker.

Social media brings together millions of users who want to gain popularity and are like you. Because of social media, the competition has increased dramatically, everyone wants to get the attention of the masses and therefore it is imperative that we “optimize” our plan and make a wise choice while putting it on. the table and choosing a niche that serves our best interests and we are prepared to work on it intensively. In short, first, choose the niche and do your research.

This will help you select your “target audience” with the same interest. You then need to create content for subscribers interested in your niche. This step will help you categorize your area of ​​work. Like no one cares about the hook. You need to appear relevant to your audience so that they can connect with you. For example, if your website is geared towards tech-savvy people, come up with a catchy name that resonates with all of the technocrats and write “optimized content” that is searchable. Use relevant hashtags and words then search engine optimization will be your website’s best friend.

Cohesive creative content

The web is full of content, there is even an explosion of information. People struggle to get exactly what they want in the vast ocean of information. But with an optimized website, you can help your audience find quality information that isn’t redundant by posting niche-relevant content. Rohit Mehta says, “My observation is that quality, useful and verified content is still lacking from various sources on the Internet. Therefore, if you provide people with authenticated and relevant content, you will do so and see substantial growth in subscriber numbers over a period of time.

He adds, “Consistency is key here, you can’t be missing your website and expect follower growth. Constant interaction is mandatory for a loyal audience base. To be consistent, motivation at work is necessary. It will stimulate you to work in the most creative way every day. Creative content is the need of the hour. We must adapt to the changing and demanding expressions of the Internet. The use of eye-catching colors and fonts, the use of memes, creative headlines, and eye-catching visuals acts as the icing on the cake for your website.

Social media marketing and content marketing

Evidence shows that 70% of marketers use social media platforms to increase brand awareness, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are high on their priority list. Millions of people spend most of their time on these popular social media platforms and are more likely to become the target of businesses.

So, social media marketing is one of the best and most beneficial ways for marketers to get maximum ROI. Platforms like YouTube provide statistics and reports on how your ad is performing and how it is performing with audiences.

Over the years of experience, Mehta has realized how important social media is to marketers. He said: “The advent of social media has made it easier for marketers to work and created new opportunities. It’s a godsend for people like me.

The facts also show that 56% of marketers believe that blogging with personalized content, videos and social updates improve memorization and brand awareness.

Digital Gabbar is now creating a buzz among digital marketing aspirants because it delivers the authenticated and relevant content they are looking for. Digital Gabbar also follows a ‘consistency is key’ formula. Mehta has organized such devices, which strengthens its presence on social media.

To sum up, we can say that we must read those who have achieved mastery in their field. Following Mehta’s Digital Gabbar would definitely help you develop your interest in digital marketing and keep you up to date.

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