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If you don’t already know who Douglas James is, he is a world-renowned digital marketing expert and successful entrepreneur. His goal in life is to help newcomers and aspiring entrepreneurs grow in the industry by targeting, packing and retaining the right customers.

Growing up, he never thought he would be one of the successful entrepreneurs. As a coach, he has trained over 2000 entrepreneurs on how they can improve their sales through different marketing strategies and make their business successful. It aims to help all of these promising entrepreneurs on how they can be successful in acquiring, closing and retaining customers and living the life they always wanted. This is one of the reasons people often call Douglas “the high end customer guy”.

He has seen countless fellow entrepreneurs create brilliant ideas that could have been better implemented. He is renowned for his extreme willingness to guide and coach young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He also taught them about turbocharging.

According to Douglas, the success of a business depends primarily on customers and clients. As long as you provide quality customer service, you will set yourself apart from the rest of your competition. The treatment and feedback of customers is essential to the growth of the business and the acquisition of a professional reputation. This is why testimonials and customer reviews are an essential part of the website. Douglas practiced what he preaches and thus secured his position as a good entrepreneur.

Douglas strives to stay in good physical shape. He goes to the gym every day and even has a standing desk in his office. It obviously has a seated desk too. He also shares time on them for health reasons. Asked about his passion for fitness, Douglas replied, “Have you ever noticed that when you go to the gym or go for a run or whatever your creativity starts to flow, right? ? “Physical and mental fitness and activity are very important to him.

He is a strong supporter of YouTube Advertising and sees it as the way of the future. Previously, Douglas James mainly practiced marketing on Facebook, but he soon realized that YouTube marketing was more beneficial than any other. This is because people tend not to notice or seriously consider Facebook ads. On YouTube, people deliberately watch videos to solve problems, and if you can get your point across through your video, they may turn out to be potential customers.

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