Famed entrepreneur Patrick Bet David calls MrBeast “very reproducible” compared to Jake Paul and Andrew Tate


In today’s sphere of online content creation, there’s no bigger name than YouTube’s top dog, MrBeast. His larger than life videos and incredible marketing skills have earned him worldwide recognition and fame. But according to Patrick Bet-David, the one thing MrBeast videos won’t need in the future is MrBeast himself.


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Jimmy Donaldson or also known as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber with over 100 million subscribers and billions of total views on his channel. But only that, his other business avenues such as his fast food chain, Beast Burgerand brand of chocolate Holidays are equally successful.


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Jimmy has a charming personality and an affable attitude. According to his followers, he gives very “Homie” vibes. Her fans love her interactions with her friends and other content creators. The community’s adoration of his individual personality is a major reason for his success.

But not everyone agrees with this sentiment. World-renowned entrepreneur and speaker Patrick Bet-David says Jimmy isn’t needed for MrBeast.

Patrick Bet-David says MrBeast can still exist without Jimmy

On November 2, 2022, Valuation uploaded a video, where Patrick Bet-David talked about MrBeast and its value. He shed light on recent news, where MrBeast allegedly turned down a billion dollars to offer to sell his channel.


MrBeast is set to dethrone a longtime YouTube king with the most subscribers

in about 1 hour

Patrick had figured that with his current position and numbers, his main channel alone would be worth at least $850 million. And if you add all his other chains and businesses, he’s already worth well over a billion, so there was no reason for Jimmy to take the deal.

Patrick bets David (right) (Source: Youtube)

Patrick also shared that this was just the beginning for Jimmy. The reason is that unlike other creators like Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI and Andrew Tate, whose content revolves around themselves, MrBeast’s content doesn’t need Jimmy.


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Its content speaks for itself. In the future, when Jimmy turns 30 or 40. Patrick suggested that Jimmy could easily hire other, younger wannabes and teach them how to make his videos. He can turn his entire channel into a business and see success beyond measure.

Ultimately, Partick said that with the traction MrBeast has right now, in the future, if he ever accumulates a net worth of half a trillion dollars, Patrick won’t be surprised at all. .


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