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TEL AVIV, Israel, February 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — For the first time ever, audiences worldwide can purchase 1,500 works of art as NFT from a feature film. The highly anticipated reveal of this one-of-a-kind NFT collection from the digital art label ±3000 will take place within the next two weeks.

From the famous Israeli director Gidi Dar and Oscar-nominated artists David Polonsky and Michael Faust (Waltz with Bashir, 2008) comes legend of destructionthe artistic story of the Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, a tragedy that ultimately led to war and the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple.

The film is comprised of 1,500 still-image artistic masterpieces that will be available as an NFT collection on OpenSea following the film’s prime-time television debut in Israel to February 20.

“I watched Legend of Destruction in a Tel Aviv theater. Just two stills into the film, I turned to my best friend and business partner and we immediately recognized the immense value in converting this film into an NFT industry disruptor,” said Ido Dotan, Head of of ±3000.

“By taking this legendary 3,000-year-old story captured in sheer cinematic beauty and placing it on the blockchain, not only are we immortalizing history through the eternal blockchain, but we are also disrupting the chain by democratizing art and creativity,” Dotan continued. .

Eight years in the making, the film’s static paintings and sketches are brought to life through world-class editing and movement techniques between scenes. As the film’s dramatic story unfolds, the transitions between each piece increase in detail, providing depth as well as perspective leading to a compelling ending. It is this exceptional and sophisticated editing that won the film four Israeli Oscars in 2021. See the video clip here.

“Our original goal was to innovate an artistic way to tell this epic story, and now our vision has become transformative and accessible on the blockchain for the appreciation of art and history through NFTs,” said said the Oscar-nominated artist. Michael Faust.

The NFT collection includes all the paintings from the film (production paintings) as well as the original drawings from the artistic production process of the film (sketches). A presale of 500 paintings and sketches will be offered to community members and project partners for 48 hours. Following this presale, the remaining 1,000 NFTs will be open to the public towards the end of February, with minting expected to continue through early March.

After the blockchain minting is complete, the collection will be randomly distributed among “token holders” (those who purchased an NFT from the movie). Each digital wallet is allowed to mint a maximum of four works of art from the collection. The coins will be hidden and placed in a digital box, revealing themselves 72 hours after the sale ends to their collectors. After the reveal, collectors can continue to purchase additional paintings to complete their personal collection of full movie scenes through OpenSea.

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