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New Delhi [India], June 8 (ANI / PNN): Content creation today is a very professional task and customers are clamoring for an empty space in relation to their needs.

While the number of content creation services has skyrocketed in unprecedented ways over the past few years, one company that has successfully carved out a niche in the mundane is Founder and CEO Aakshey Talwar, who offers services in a variety of areas. This is provided by GaiaQ. that too. “Content builds relationships, adds engagement and generates revenue,” adds Aakshey.

GaiaQ responded to all market trends and decided to enter digital marketing service as well. Operated under the same brand, the company is also committed to customers who want to reap the benefits of online marketing through creative and intelligent thinking.

Aakshey just graduated from high school in 2008 and founded “Weaving Thoughts”. It became the first pure content marketing startup in India. But he did not rush there. The company is the result of months of hard work, in-depth analysis and careful planning with Aakshey and part of his team. Weaving Thoughts was born out of the firm belief in making content marketing “the most effective and reliable form of marketing”. The fact that Indian companies have been working on creating content like Fish to Water is an activity that could help companies connect and engage with their target audience in a more meaningful way. It supports his belief.

When Weaving Thoughts came to fruition, content marketing was an early business idea for India, and most of the content creation work was done behind the scenes in a way that was not organized by small players. . However, less than five years after the startup was founded, content marketing has become an integral part of the marketing mix, with nearly 85% of global companies officially committing to it. So Weaving Thoughts became GaiaQ and entered a new stage in his life. Today’s content marketing companies work with clients who require content marketing and strategic consulting services. Regarding his business model, Aakshey said, “If you decide to purchase content from us, we guarantee that you won’t have to look for other article writing services. If you choose us, you can hire writers from any industry.

GaiaQ has now diversified into digital marketing such as SEO, Google ads and social media marketing, and thus founded a new company, Gaia Internet. With clients such as Sony, Hyatt Group, Times Group, OYO Rooms, Policy Bazaar, Upgrades and Cremica, Aakshey’s business has come a long way in creating an independent side of content creation and content marketing. It was. marketing.

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