Global e-commerce retailers debut in commerce


E-commerce companies have made their debut in trading, or intend to go public, in markets from Indonesia to Germany, while other players in the online shopping industry are on their way. to be acquired.

In Indonesia, Bukalapak is interested in securing up to $ 800 million in funding through an initial public offering (IPO) in August, Reuters reported, citing two anonymous sources. The offer could provide the company with an infusion of around $ 500 million to $ 800 million, with the final amount varying depending on market climate and investor appetite.

An anonymous source said a private listing prospectus had been sent to the Indonesian stock exchange. Bukalapak claimed in 2019 that it had a valuation of over $ 2.5 billion.

And in the UK, landed an injection of £ 100million (around $ 141million) by selling 50million new shares, the Financial Time reported. Meanwhile, current backers, such as co-founders Ning Li and Brent Hoberman, have sold around 47 million shares.

“Listing in London, where the company was founded, will allow us to accelerate our growth,” said CEO Philippe Chainieux said, by FT. The company intends to use IPO funds to improve marketing and the supply chain.

In Germany, the shares of About you surged on the company’s first trading day in Frankfurt, with the sale of a 21% stake bringing in € 842m (or roughly $ 1bn) and providing the company with a valuation of 3.92bn euros (approximately $ 4.7 billion), Bloomberg reported.

“We look forward to the release of [pandemic] restrictions; demand in the categories in which we are strong is already coming back ”, co-founder Tarek Müller declared at the exit.

Competitors to About You on the retail side include companies such as Zalando SE and Asos Plc. In addition, it has a Shopify type online shopping system. About You seeks to serve young women between the ages of 20 and 40, Bloomberg reported.

In South Korea, Naver and Shinsegae Group are said to buy eBay’s South Korean subsidiary for around $ 3.6 billion, Reuters reported, citing local media. For its part, South Korea is said to be the world’s fourth largest e-commerce market.



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