Green Line Automotive Acquires Driven Data’s Paid Media Customers


Here is an example of what happens after an acquisition.

Green Line Automotive has announced that it has been selected by Driven Data as the preferred partner to resume its paid media partnerships as the company focuses on audiences and first-party data analytics.

Driven Data was acquired by Polly in June and will continue to serve the automotive industry, providing first-party audience and data analytics solutions.

“As they grow and evolve, they have decided to discontinue their direct-to-dealer marketing solutions such as paid search, social media and OTT,” the companies said in a statement. hurry.

Driven Data (now Polly) has partnered with Green Line Automotive to continue providing its dealership customers with digital marketing solutions.

“We carefully chose Green Line to carry our torch in the industry, because they believe completely in the power of leveraging your data to build lifetime customer value and acquire more new customers for the lowest possible cost,” said said Ashley Kolb, Senior Director of Technology Products and Operations at Polly.

Green Line Automotive’s mission is to provide Tier 1 automotive advertising expertise, technology and service to Tier 3 dealerships.

The company is focused on giving every dealership the best in technology with a fully customizable approach, which can give stores an edge over their competition.

Green Line’s digital strategy focuses on converting paid search and paid social campaigns into highly qualified appointments, calls and leads for dealerships.


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