GT King’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, Rank, K/D Ratio and Monthly Income in May 2022


Ravichandra Vigneshwar, often known as GT King, is an Indian content creator known for his content dedicated to Garena Free Fire. He runs YouTube channel Gaming Tamizhan and regularly streams and uploads gaming related videos in Tamil.

He currently holds a whopping 3.25 million subscribers and his videos have received a total of over 393.163 million views.

GT King’s Free Fire MAX ID, Rank & Stats

GT King’s Free Fire MAX ID is 287597612. At the time of writing, the content creator was ranked Heroic in BR-Ranked mode and Diamond IV in CS-Ranked mode.

Here are his in-game stats:

Lifetime statistics

Tamizhan's Lifetime Stats  (Image via Garena)
Tamizhan Lifetime Stats (Image via Garena)

GT King has competed in 678 solo matches and gone undefeated in 48 matches, maintaining a 7.07% win rate. He has 1452 kills and 288 headshots, maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.30 and a headshot percentage of 19.83%.

In duos matches, the YouTuber outplayed his opponents in 161 out of 1,802 appearances, which translated into an 8.93% win rate. With 3387 kills and 771 headshots, he has a K/D ratio of 2.06 and a headshot percentage of 22.76%.

Gaming Tamizhan also appeared in 18281 team matches and won 3639 times, maintaining a win rate of 19.90%. He has 52,027 kills and 11,241 headshots, as well as a K/D ratio of 3.55 and a headshot percentage of 21.61%.

Ranked statistics

Tamizhan ranked stats (Image via Garena)
Tamizhan ranked stats (Image via Garena)

In the current ranked season of Free Fire MAX, GT King competed in three duos matches and earned a first place, converting to a 33.33% win rate. He landed 27 kills with a K/D ratio of 13.50 and has seven headshots for a 25.93% headshot percentage.

Ravichandra Vigneshwar has participated in 38 team matches and has 16 Booyahs, corresponding to a win rate of 42.10%. He has 141 kills and 40 headshots with a K/D ratio of 6.41 and a headshot percentage of 28.37%.

He hasn’t played any solo ranked matches yet.


Tamizhan's CS stats on games (Image via Garena)
Tamizhan’s CS Stats (Image via Garena)

GT King has played 5020 matches in the Clash Squad mode and earned 3391 wins for a win rate of 67.55%. It has 25,995 kills, of which 9,561 are headshots, which translates to a KDA of 2.34 and a headshot percentage of 36.78%.

Note: GT King’s stats in Free Fire MAX will change as he plays more matches in the game.

GT King monthly income

Tamizhan's gaming revenue (Image via Social Blade)
Tamizhan’s gaming revenue (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, his monthly income from the YouTube channel is between $5.3,000 and $84.9,000. His annual earnings are said to be between $63,600 and $1 million.

Youtube channel

youtube cover

Since the start of his YouTube content creation career, Gaming Tamizhan has uploaded a wide range of gaming-related content. The oldest video on his channel dates back to January 2019, and currently there are more than 1060 uploaded to the Gaming Tamizhan channel.

Apart from the main channel, he also runs two other channels named Gaming Tamizhan Official and Vloggers Tamizhan.

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