Henry Cavill stuns as Captain Britain in jaw-dropping new MCU image


Superman star Henry Cavill takes on the role of a different hero, disguising himself as the British captain in this stunning Marvel hero artwork.

Henry Cavill plays one of the greatest DC superheroes of all time on the big screen. Bringing Superman to life in the DC Extended Universe, he’s certainly no stranger to dressing up as beloved action heroes when asked.

While his future as the Man of Steel has been in question for some time now (due to a lot of uncertainty surrounding the direction of the DCEU and the Warner Bros. Discovery merger), that doesn’t necessarily mean we have saw the last of his Superman on screen, with rumors still suggesting he could return one day – and needless to say, fans would certainly love to see him.

However, a number of fans would also like to see him join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s been rumored for some time that he could play Captain Britain in the MCU, as this character is one that fans have been hoping to see introduced for some time now.

Debuting in Marvel Comics UK in 1976, Brian Braddock is considered the UK equivalent of Steve Rogers’ Captain America. He is gifted with incredible powers by the magician Merlyn and therefore he is in charge of enforcing British laws.

What Henry Cavill Could Look Like As Captain Britain In The MCU

A recent work of art by a digital artist Rahalarts features Henry Cavill as Captain Britain. The stunning image shows the actor dressed in Captain Britain’s uniform, posed and ready for action against the backdrop of London.

From the fanart, it’s clear that Cavill would look like the iconic hero – something we already knew because Cavill already knows how to play a superhero given his tenure as Superman.

Cavill portrayed the Kryptonian hero in the DCEU, appearing in films Steel man, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He also appeared in the much better received Zack Snyder’s Justice Leagueonce again reminding fans how great he is as a Man of Steel.

Does Henry Cavill play Captain Britain in the MCU?

Marvel Studios has yet to introduce the character of Captain Britain to the MCU, so the role has yet to be cast. That said, Henry Cavill seems to be ready to seize the opportunity to play him.

Talk to The Hollywood Reporterhe revealed that he had seen “the various rumors about Captain Britain” and that it would be “a lot of fun to make a cool, modernized version of him”.

Cavill’s name has been attached to Marvel Studios for the past few months, with a report suggesting he’s among seven huge signings set to appear in the MCU in the future. This relationship has yet to be proven as Marvel hasn’t publicly announced any casting involving these actors, but it goes without saying that Cavill would be a major addition to the MCU.

And as this epic fanart points out, the star would be the perfect choice to play Captain Britain!

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