‘He’s real!’ – Creators react to seeing Dream for the first time


Throughout his content creation career, Dream’s face has been a hidden secret, but that’s about to change forever. The Minecraft The star previously teased that her mask would soon come off and her face reveal was imminent, but now everything has been set in motion, and it could happen at any time.

Before his face was revealed to the world, Dream revealed his face to several of his creator friends, who shared their reactions to seeing him for the first time. The Minecraft star has been close friends with some of these creators for a decade, but it’s only now that he’s showing his face to them for the first time.

Screenshot via Dream on YouTube

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Before he starts revealing his face to his creator friends, only Sapnap, a Minecraft creator who lives with Dream, and Alyssa, a mostly idle person. Minecraft creator who frequently played alongside Dream and on the Dream SMP, had seen the face of the creator. When GeorgeNotFound got his visa to move to America so he could live with Dream and Sapnap, the duo then FaceTimed for the first time after more than six years of friendship.

The first creator to see the face of Dream since revealing it to GeorgeNotFound, which will be shown in an upcoming YouTube video centered around the Dream Team reuniting for the first time, was Karl Jacobs. Jacobs and Dream haven’t been friends for as long as some of the other creators, but have quickly become extremely close, with the two calling each other one of their closest friends.

Quackity, another creator who has grown closer to Dream in less time and who is also close to her, shared a tweet on her private Twitter account after FaceTiming the Minecraft star.

Screenshot via quackitytheduck on Twitter

Ranboo, a comrade Minecraft star and another semi-faceless creator who has only ever shown part of his face, appears to have had a mutual face reveal with Dream based on their Twitter interaction.

Anthony Padilla, who previously interviewed Dream virtually on his “I Had a Day With It” series, has now been able to see behind the mask. Padilla shared the following interaction with the Minecraft star, where he proclaimed it was “so weird” to finally be able to talk to Dream “face to face” after just being a “floating voice” for so long.

Lazarbeam, who has played in tournaments with Dream and played on the Dream SMP in the past, proclaimed Dream to be a “beautiful man”.

BadBoyHalo, a Minecraft creator and third hunter of Dream’s Minecraft The Manhunt series, is one of the closest to Dream and has known him for more than 10 years. Now he’s finally gotten to see what Dream is like, and the duo agreed the interaction was “surreal.”

Fans probably know Antfrost for its Minecraft content and as Dream’s fourth fighter Minecraft Manhunt series. The duo have been close friends for five to seven years and have now met face to face.

Streamer and variety creator Sylvee has known Dream for a few years and joked that it looked like her profile picture.

Awesomemedude is a Minecraft creator and fifth hunter of Dream’s hit Minecraft Manhunt series. He is another longtime friend of Dream and has proclaimed that he was “dazzled” seeing behind the mask.

Slimecicle also seems to have received a facetime call from Dream due to the timing of the following tweet, but his response is a bit vague so could just be a joke in response to other creators’ reactions.

More reactions are sure to occur before the face is revealed, as two other creators close to Dream have already shared that they have scheduled calls with the Minecraft the star must occur today.

We’ll update this post as more creators share their reactions.


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