How digital marketing agencies are reinventing their business perspective after the pandemic


As the digital landscape continues to transform the marketing landscape, brands also understand how they need to adjust their business goals and strategies accordingly.

By Raghav Bagai

The devastating impact of the coronavirus has touched all industries and changed the lives of many people, resulting in businesses and people coming to a screeching halt. Well-established businesses are also struggling to weather the pandemic, and digital marketing agencies are no exception. The impact of the pandemic has affected every business, business and digital agency differently.

For example, companies that had been mapping their digital marketing strategies for two to three years got their marketing teams to think creatively and reframe goals based on the impact of the pandemic. Likewise, many agencies have redefined and fine-tuned their existing set of goals and business strategies to weather the pandemic.

The year 2020 has been the year of change for all businesses. The isolation of the home and sudden blockages have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. Additionally, the unexpected onset of the second wave of the pandemic has forced every organization, digital marketing agency, and customer to return to the digital adoption curve overnight. This created a greater space for digital marketing agencies to drive customer initiatives to understand and scale up during the crisis.

To thrive in the pandemic world, many innovative digital marketing agencies have stepped up to change their work culture, resulting in a massive rise in digital adoption.

Switch to a digital / virtual working format

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the functioning of businesses and the most effective step is the adoption of a cloud-based work format. Virtual work infrastructure has given digital marketing agencies the edge to grow despite the challenges. Given the pandemic-induced lockdown, agencies can identify different digital work functions and reimagine them without a physical workspace.

Digitally reimagining and reconstructing functions from minute to major can serve as the basis for an improved and secure model of operation. It also helps agencies develop a hybrid business model by making the most of in-person and remote working functions.

Humanize brands

Creative agencies are responsible for designing creative communication strategies for brands. Because people are confined to their homes, they spend more time online. Their expectations on the internet are changing and brands must also transform their communication strategies and the way they present themselves online, evolve and boost their online presence. To successfully navigate the pandemic, agencies must humanize brands while maintaining their core values.

To produce a healthy relationship with customers, brands need to humanize their approach in a way that maximizes brand engagement and relativity. It means cutting through all the cold business strategies, like just pushing the brand’s offerings forward, being more empathetic to their audience to gain an edge over their competition. For example, to be identifiable, if a brand addresses GenZ, they must speak in the language of memes, as this target group does not fall into the trap of difficult sales techniques.

Transformative change in the culture of the agency

The COVID-19 pandemic is a human health crisis and likewise, employees must be approached from a more understanding perspective. Taking care of the team is becoming one of the most crucial factors in growing during the pandemic and coming out stronger. To provide extensive support to employees and their families, many agencies have put in place initiatives to help them cope with the exacerbated impact of the pandemic. For example, a few agencies have provided financial support in the form of time off without pay deduction for its COVID-positive employees. Additionally, many agencies have included “no layoffs” and published “advanced salaries” specifically for team members who are grappling with the most pressing challenges during the crisis.

On top of that, digital marketing agencies run vaccination campaigns for their employees and family members. This practice helps employees come back to the workplace stronger and gives them the feeling that the agency supports them. Making such changes to the agency work culture improves the emotional well-being of employees and keeps them positive during these times.

Understanding the growing dependence of brands on digital

As the digital landscape continues to transform the marketing landscape, brands also understand how they need to adjust their business goals and strategies accordingly. From simply being visible on social media to using digital to build the business, brands have become more performance driven and their expectations for digital ROI have increased over the past year. Agencies must understand changing needs and prepare strategies that embrace them.

The pandemic is not going to completely change the digital marketing scenario. However, there are some necessary changes that will affect the agencies. If these necessary changes are made, agencies would be able to creatively position themselves in the market will be an advantage. By understanding client goals, changing times and employee needs, digital marketing agencies can build a strong brand and navigate the crisis seamlessly.

The author is co-founder of Sociowash. The opinions expressed are personal.

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