How Making Your Company’s Online Presence Accessible And Inclusive To All Affects Your Bottom Line


The online world needs to be more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Especially in recent events where the pandemic has prompted many businesses to increase their online presence, it is more important than ever to increase this inclusiveness for all. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said 10% of global GDP will be spent on technology. Still, we’re reaching a point where tech companies that don’t make their products accessible to all possible users will be shut out of the market and miss out on this bargain.

Currently 97% of the World Wide Web is inaccessible. With half of the population on earth having a [diagnosed] disability (at 1.3 billion people) about 70% of the population with blurred vision, companies should consider inclusion. Business leaders who did not understand the need for this got it wrong and injected massive risk and a framework to make failure worse into their organization. Not only is inclusive design necessary, but it has in fact already been found to be fundamental for the sustainable growth and success of businesses.

Cat Noone, co-founder and CEO of Stark, says that when designing and building a website, apps, and various technologies, this is the stage where accessibility is ideally built into the development phase. This is the most cost effective approach, but most websites were built before these compliance orders and need help with the upgrade.

To address this, accessibility pioneer Stark has just launched Stark for Chrome, a web browser extension that will allow tech companies to build accessibility into their products.

With this new feature, an addition to their suite of accessibility tools, Stark is positioning itself as one of the only companies to offer tech giants and startups practical solutions to the “disability divide” that is. more and more put forward as an Achilles heel of innovation.

Cat lists the reasons your business should care about accessibility:

1. It expands your customer base

By creating an inclusive online presence, you have dramatically increased your customer base through the simple concept of inclusion. You will have the ability to reach more potential customers and this can improve your results.

2. Protects you from non-compliance

When there are financial penalties for non-compliance with accessibility standards, because you have acted proactively and made sure that your website is compliant, you will avoid the financial downfall of having to pay hefty fines. .

3. Protects you from negative public exposure

In the world of cancellation culture, it may be in the best interests of the business to ensure that they have met the inclusiveness requirements to ensure that no one is left behind. Inclusiveness is important for everyone.

4. More profitable to include now than later

It is most effective to incorporate these requirements early in the design and construction of digital products. However, if you have an existing website, the best option is to allocate resources so that you can gradually modernize existing components and ensure these standards. are cooked in the future. The longer you wait to act, the more expensive the job will be.

5. Businesses will be left behind if they don’t prioritize

In terms of public opinion and not reaching a larger customer base, choosing not to comply will lose potential for business and growth.

The bottom line is that inclusiveness is a right for everyone, and as the world begins to recognize it, people are more aware and sensitive to social issues. Making sure you’ve created an inclusive business isn’t just good for business, it’s a good financial solution as well. Businesses must strive to do better every day and accessibility must be a priority.


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