How to furnish your home with a loan, the best offers online

Italians, as we know, are very attached to their home, so much so as to allocate most of their savings to the purchase of the property or its restructuring . Sometimes, however, to give a “refresh” it is enough to change the furniture. Given the times, however, it is not always easy to find the necessary liquidity. So why not request a loan , with which to start decorating your home with more modern and useful components?

The key to saving is, as always, comparison


With the help of the comparison portal, we simulate the request of a public employee (not protested) who needs 10 thousand euros to be repaid in 4 years (48 installments). The purpose of the loan is precise “home and furniture”, and no policy is associated with the loan. The best proposals are the Loan. Let’s look at them in detail.

Offers the cheapest monthly installment of 245 euros, with a 4.70% Tan and a 8.50% Taeg. The total amount due, at the end of the loan, will be 11,760 euros.

In second place is the Loan of the financial institution of the same name, with a monthly payment of 248 euros. The Tan is 8.80%, the Taeg is 9.17%. The total cost of the loan, including interest, will therefore be 11,904 euros.

The ranking closes with a monthly payment of 253.1 euros


In this case, Tan and Taeg amounted to 9.90 and 10.35% respectively. Once the relationship with the financial company has been concluded, the applicant will have repaid a total of 12,174 euros.

Deciding to renew the furniture at this time could be really convenient, not only because there are several proposals dedicated to this purpose on the market. From last June 6th, in fact, and until December 31st, 2013, it will be possible to benefit from the eco-bonus recently approved.

Anyone requesting the concession will be able to obtain an income tax deduction of 50% to be spread over 10 years. There are two conditions to be met: the bonus reaches a maximum cost of 10 thousand euros, and only regards the furniture purchased for a house that has undergone a renovation. Keep payment receipts (checks, bank transfers, online purchases): they will be used as evidence to request the eco-bonus.