How to update credit bureau status when paying off debts?

How to update credit bureau status when paying accounts? We will tell you what happens with your credit report.

First of all you should conceive the credit report as a history; It is your story as a payer and as such you should know that it evolves. It is always best to be punctual in your payments so you do not have bad grades.

But if for some reason you got behind in some payment and after making an effort you managed to get up to date, you surely want to know when your credit history information will be updated. At the beginning, I warn you that the record is not deleted immediately

How to update credit bureau status

How to update credit bureau status

According to information from the Credit Information Society (SIC), the history takes up to 10 days to update to show that you are up to date again. If you want to apply for a new loan, it is important that you keep up to date so that the grantors trust you.

The entities that do not request your credit history to be a candidate for financing, could be compromising your ability to pay, since not consulting it will not take it into account in the decision making. For this reason it is a risk to get a loan under those conditions.

It is best to know that you can pay a loan

It is best to know that you can pay a loan

Remember that your review does not only imply your story as a payer, but also if you have the ability to pay.

Like BraddingLoan, we are a platform of loans between people where credit history is an indispensable requirement to be a credit subject. The history represents a guarantee not only for you, but also for the lenders.

Remember that you should be aware of your credit history, this prevents credits from being requested in your name and you don’t realize it. These types of cases are known as identity theft.

By law you have the right to receive the special credit report once a year. If you request it two or more times in that same period of time, the Credit Information Society, also known as the credit bureau, will charge you for the credit report.

It is recommended that you check it at least once a year, using the free form


In the event that you do not recognize any credit, you must issue a claim as soon as possible so that the financial institution verifies what happened. If your debts have already been covered, remember that it may take several days for your history to be updated with the information up to date.