How To Use SEO To Boost Content Marketing Efforts


“Content is the soul and SEO is the body. The two cannot work separately.

SEO expert and Senior Marketing Research Manager, Semrush, Fernando Angulo, is redefining content marketing in terms of relevance and relativity.

According to Fernando, SEO is the foundation of what needs to be done next. Whether you want more visitors or increase your funnel conversions, SEO is a game changer. For example, if your article is aware of Google’s page 1 in the snippet area, you’re more likely to get more visitors. And why is that? This is because of the trust they inspire in Google, other readers, and eventually your brand.

“95% of Google’s algorithm changes are related to content marketing, not SEO,” he says.

So, when Google introduces something new associated with its search mechanism, it is mainly motivated by three things: How good is the published content? How relevant is that? And how much he is driven to consumption.

Your SEO checklist par excellence by an SEO expert:

In his quest to help marketers optimize their content marketing efforts, Fernando presents a 5-point checklist for SEO in 2021 and beyond. The list –

● keyword search

● thematic research

● technical referencing

● content on the page

● off-page referencing

Angulo believes that brands can create a disruptive impact on the minds of users if these pillars are properly cemented.

Steps to Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy:

Semrush follows the 80-20 content rule: 80% of the effort is spent on marketing valuable content, while 20% is spent on creating new content. Here’s a step-by-step approach to content marketing:

● First, you define your content plan with your audience and their journey in mind. You would want to define the purpose of the content to get it right.

● Next, position the service you are promoting. If the product is potent enough, you will have no problem promoting it.

● Third, highlight the most specific features that will solve your users’ problems. By highlighting the key characteristics, you present the special value of the content by indicating why it should be read.

● Finally, it all comes down to the business: Indicate how a specific piece of content will also add value to your business proposition.

The future of content marketing

Whether it’s money transactions, education, news or groceries, everything is digitized. Socialization is done on apps, and such a digital implementation costs nothing but data!

Fernando hints that AI could be used for content creation and tracking its progress. He says the amount of data accessible is generous, and with AI we can do wonders!

With AI, user actions and behavior can be tracked with such precision that sending personalized content can now be a cinch.

He also mentions that voice search is getting more advanced, leading conversations like a friend next door. He advises not to perceive the advancement of AI as a replacement, but to use it for the benefit of creators in the long run, opening new doors for content marketing.

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