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My name is Aduke Gold but I am known as Diva Gold. I was stubborn as a child. I always did what I wanted to do. I was also very bright, intelligent and exceptional. In fact, I had a wonderful childhood. I was raised by the most amazing parents one could wish for. I really gave my mother a lot of trouble. I ran away from home about two or three times before I was 18. From an early age, I always wanted to be independent. I had the “Western” mentality that once you’re 18, you can leave your parents’ house.

Imagine me traveling from Akure (Ondo State) to Lagos to meet someone I had never met before.

However, in all of this, my mother never gave up on me. My father is also a great man.


I attended Kindergarten and Primary School in Cabataf, Ijapo Estate, Akure, Ondo State. I then continued my studies at Saint Louis Girls Grammar School, also in Akure.

I went to Bowen University and graduated in 2017.


I take inspiration from other content and film creators. I am also inspired by my surroundings and the realities of life. I want my sketches to teach people. I always watch my previous sketches, and from the comments, I know what the audience wants.

social media

I didn’t know the potential of social media, so I took it a bit lightly at first. If I had known what benefit it offered, I would have taken it a bit more seriously and probably gone further than that. However, I also believe that God’s will will always prevail.


Online comedy started as a joke (for me). I knew I was interested in entertainment, but I had never thought about online comedy or doing sketches. I usually went to auditions when I was in school, but most of the time when these people called for auditions, they already knew who they wanted to cast. It was practically a waste of time and money to go from the mainland to the island for auditions without any positive results.

Online comedy

A friend of mine invited me for a role in the television series Jenifa’s Diary. That’s when I started taking him seriously.

However, I also met people who wanted one thing or another from me before giving me roles. So, I again gave in a bit and took a break. Then I started watching sketches on Instagram. The good thing about creating content is that you don’t necessarily need auditions to get roles. The important thing is his physique and his talent. I have both, and that’s how social media comedy started for me.


There is no one who does not face challenges. However, I didn’t really face anything serious, other than having little to no engagement on my content at first. I had no money to pay for the blogs because most of my colleagues were still getting blogs to post their videos. Before some blogs published these videos, they had to be paid. I didn’t have the funds for that and I also procrastinated a lot. Even though I received some love from fans, people knew me more as someone who appeared in other people’s sketches.

However, when I did my first sketch, it was fine. I wrote the story myself and it turned out really well. But, I wasted time following it with another, so my “engagement” plummeted. If I had known what I know now, I would have shot back to back. Maybe I wouldn’t have lost the engagement with the fans.


I’m too big to be intimidated. If someone is trolling me, I will respond to such an individual. I’ve been bullied online, but I always come out on top.


As a sexy woman, I get a lot of attention from male fans and I appreciate that. Imagine you go to a restaurant and the fans pay for my food. Sometimes people randomly ask for my account number. I end up becoming friends with my fans without any conditions. I have fans who just want to see me grow, even if some of them don’t know how to draw the line, and that’s okay.


The first video I made actually highlighted me. Don Jazzy reposted it and some blogs did the same. I didn’t have to pay for it. God blessed me with acting and content creation skills.


One of the benefits of being a comedian on social media is the recognition I get. People now recognize my profession and my talent. Lots of people like me everyday. I constantly receive several messages on social networks. I did not expect to receive this kind of support. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. I was able to have drinks and dinner with many senior industry colleagues. I know that I will achieve even greater greatness. Indeed, God has been good to me.


I am not married to Ayomidate (a social media comedian). I am still single. What happened next with Ayomidate was that we did a lot of wedding sketches. We did a publicity stunt before the sketch came out. We also observed that many fans wanted us to get married. As I speak to you, we have many in-laws online, people who would do anything to see us get married. In fact, if they see me posting another guy’s picture, they’ll tag him (Ayomidate). If they saw him posting another girl’s picture too, they’d tag me. They just want to see us together. The good thing about the stunt is that he’s actually a good guy and I’m not ashamed to be associated with him. Right now, he’s just my partner and my “best friend”. But, we are not in a romantic relationship.


For starters, my name is different. I’m also good at what I do. I haven’t seen many “natural” actors doing sketches. I often receive this praise. I think I can hold my head up high. My ability to act in a real film and also in sketches makes me different. I started my career as an actor, so I know some basics about acting.


To some degree, I’m recognized almost everywhere I go, especially by my TikTok fans. The love is still amazing there. Even when I wear a nose mask, people still recognize me. I pray for more acknowledgment of God in a more fruitful and scandal-free way.

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