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May 26, 2022. Unemployment in India peaked at 7.83% in April. According to a study conducted by ASSOCHAM, only 7% of India’s new-age MBA workforce is employable. IMS ProSchool launches the first program of its kind Post Graduation Certificate In Management.

Building on its 15-year legacy of helping young graduates across India, the eminent institute offers three PGCM courses – Digital Marketing, Investment Banking and Data Analytics in association with AIMA (All India Management Association).

Career opportunities, roles and lucrative salaries were once only available to select students at elite institutions. With the help of IMS ProSchool, graduates can now aim for and achieve careers in any competitive industry.

“Our goal is to empower ambitious and hard-working young graduates in this country,” says Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary, CEO of IMS ProSchool.

“Education is the platform to launch thriving careers that add value to the economy and the market and should not be protected by entrance tests, interviews and competitions. Our idea is simple: if you can get to work, we’ll bring you the resources. It’s high time to democratize education and empower the talents that will shape our future,” he adds.

IMS ProSchool has designed an educational infrastructure that opens doors to careers in investment banking, accounting, financial services, digital marketing, and several other key professions. The institution has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kochi. IMS ProSchool graduates hold key decision-making positions in prestigious companies around the world.

“The PGCM course is flexible. We have structured the program in such a way that between the first year and the second year, you can take a gap of 5 years and come back for the second year. After years of research, we found that many students drop out of their MBAs because Tier 1 B School fees are high. Therefore, PGCM courses allow a gap of 5 years between the first and second year,” said Rohit Sarma, Marketing Manager at IMS ProSchool.

“We will help you find a job as soon as you finish your first year. After that, you can use your training to further your career and start earning money. After that, you can come back for more,” he continues.

Thousands of students have transformed their career trajectory by undertaking one of the many programs offered by IMS ProSchool. A common feature of all IMS ProSchool courses is their rollover learning technique. This form of pedagogy helps students acquire practical and concrete theories and skills they need to survive in the job market. Students learn theoretical concepts before class and work on practical case studies in class.

IMS ProSchool has set a new benchmark for vocational training in India. Its digital marketing programs prepare graduates for certifications offered by Google, Facebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn, and more. Instead of focusing on isolated academic training, the course focuses on skills applicable to major advertising distribution networks and marketing communications. Within 12 months, students learn search engine optimization, paid search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, social media, analytics, and app and affiliate marketing.

Additionally, the program prepares students for industry-recognized tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Getsitecontrol, Canva, and many more. The program also focuses on teaching digital marketers how to create effective marketing communication. This means that by the end of the course, students will not only be the people capable of setting up campaigns and running advertisements, but of implementing a full-fledged, business-driven digital marketing strategy.

The faculty members of the Institute are known for their industry expertise, which is a major factor in their selection. Therefore, students are supervised by experienced teachers who provide quality education.

On top of that, IMS ProSchool has turned the idea of ​​“placement” on its head. IMS ProSchool, where many business schools struggle to place their students, offers curated jobs tailored to its students’ preferences. IMS Proschool has placed its students in several amazing companies such as Tech Mahindra, PepsiCo, Deloitte, S&P Global and many more.

Even the course delivery methods are designed for the convenience of the students. IMS ProSchool allows its students to choose a learning experience that best suits their training and growth needs. Students can choose between a classroom or online learning experience for programs such as digital marketing, investment banking, and data analytics in major Indian cities.

Now you can launch a rewarding career in a competitive industry at one-tenth the cost of an MBA without quitting your full-time job. Choose from a classroom or online experience and grow as a digital marketer.

IMS ProSchool is a subdivision of IMS, an institute dedicated to helping students learn skills, pass exams, and become better professionals.

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