IOS15 Updates and Shai Geoola’s Thoughts on the Future of Digital Marketing


The digital age of marketing is an ever-changing process. To live up to the ever-changing customer desires, the new worldview of brand execution promotion is generally changing what we do and the way we advertise our efforts. To continue to be the best in the business, advertisers need to be more explicit in their efforts and determined about what data we collect and how it is used. The time has come.

Majority of marketers are unhappy with Apple’s new iOS 15 update. They mention that recent updates are sabotaging their online marketing tracking efforts. As you know, the recent update to the latest iOS 15 from Apple was announced on June 7th and urges other users to update their iPhone, which will improve real-time handling of notifications, weather and many other additional options. But the whole Apple New iOS update has also changed the online tracking that many digital marketers rely on.

Three critical factors will materially affect online marketing tactics that are primarily tracking based. These three features are Hide My Email, Email Privacy Protection, and iCloud Private Relay. This update will primarily affect email marketing metrics. There is a critical change that will occur in the email strategies channel, based on Apple’s update. If you are an advertiser using messaging tools, and I hope you are, keeping up to date with the latest metrics is essential. The change we are going to see will influence your performance and knowledge in the short term. The update marks all emails as open before the customer taps them to open them.

If you think of your open rates as a proportion of the completion of your email campaigns, you will soon be frustrated because it is, for now, only a proportion of progress that you can. really measure. You will see your open rates essentially triple or even quadruple overnight. When these details happen, when this change happens, don’t think you’ve accomplished something amazing in your ad to make it happen. It’s a change of innovation that influences how we will have to get used to it. How this affects us as advertisers and organizations conversing with our clients via email means you need to start focusing on the value of your stuff and making sure there is motivation to click. You’ll be in a good position and an advantage if you start preparing now, with decent reporting and analysis across multiple marketing channels.

“It’s time to focus your efforts on creating click-worthy content, delivering REAL value to people” – Shai Geoola.

  1. Invest in platforms that deliver value to your end users. Instead of creating the traditional set of data or resources, focus your efforts on explicitly targeting the end user, their needs and wants.
  2. Create a seamless experience. Continue to use your efforts to build multichannel strategies, but focus on storytelling and creating a more omnichannel approach when creating a buyer’s journey.
  3. Speed ​​up your use of other campaigns by performing alternative metrics and assigning them to email metrics. For example, take a look at your website’s overall engagement. Look at e-commerce activity such as orders or changes as a method of measurement.

Email continues to be probably the perfect way to “talk” with your audience – it’s not changing. Rather than relying on a methodology, brands need to expand their promotional efforts to target different stages and a wide range of audiences. The future is bright for those who know how to adapt to new changes. As we continue to grow and automation technology takes over, we must be prepared and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

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“I succeed by helping businesses better understand their target market (s), developing good communication in a way that is understood and preferred by their specific consumer. I think my biggest impacts in the world of marketing revolve around brand development, social media strategies, and overall marketing operations. I have strong analytical, organizational and project management skills, as well as an entrepreneurial work ethic.

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