Land Transport Authority seeks social media agency


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is looking for an agency to handle social media related tasks for 12 months with the option to extend for a year. Currently, LTA is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Telegram.

According to the Gebiz call for tenders seen by INTERACTIVE-MARKETINGscope includes strategic social media consulting services, content development and production, and engagement of social media influencers and content publishers.

1. Strategic social media advice

The Designated Agency shall monitor and review content performance of LTA’s social media campaigns; plan, develop and implement a social media engagement strategy; identify key social media trends; and archive all social media posts created by the agency.

The Strategic Social Media Engagement Plan must be produced no later than four weeks from the contract start date, which includes but is not limited to assessing LTA’s current engagement efforts and the authority’s social media engagement strategy.

The designated agency will review the effectiveness of the strategy on a quarterly and annual basis, producing five performance measurement reports of the content engagement efforts implemented on its social media platforms during the term of the contract. Each report will be submitted to LTA within one month from the end of the stipulated period.

The agency will also refine the strategic social media engagement plan as needed, and keep LTA informed of the latest social media trends and insights. The agency will also propose how LTA can leverage the latest mobile app technologies and online interfaces such as Twitch and Instagram reels to enhance LTA’s digital reach and engagement efforts.

2. Content development and production

At the same time, the appointed agency will also be responsible for conceptualizing and producing creative, relevant and engaging multimedia content to post on all social media platforms; and conceptualize, implement and manage engaging and exciting competitions.

The agency should conceptualize and produce creative, relevant and engaging multimedia content for social media at least one month ahead of its production schedule. This will be done via a social media content calendar shared between the two parties.

In addition to producing media content for all original content posts required as part of the social media engagement strategy, the agency must also provide a minimum of two draft submissions and deliver materials on an urgent basis, i.e. within one business day, as and when required, at no additional cost to LTA.

The appointed agency is also expected to conceptualize, implement and manage different competitions during the contract year, which will be hosted on all LTA social media platforms to increase online engagement and following.

3. Engagement of social media influencers and content publishers

On this front, the designated agency should develop and manage an engagement program of social media influencers and online content publishers. This includes researching, shortlisting and proposing suitable partners to deliver LTA’s intended messages.

The agency will also facilitate cross-partnerships between multiple influencers and content publishers for any engagements requiring social interaction content, and manage the content creation process to ensure that final published content and online interactions align. on LTA’s engagement goals.

He must also cultivate and manage positive partnerships with identified social media influencers and content publishers throughout the duration of the contract. This includes offering an ongoing/long-term engagement strategy – including paid and unpaid, to ensure that social media influencers or content publishers stay engaged and informed about authority and brand initiatives. interaction with online communities.


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