Latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Brings New Way to Change Volume


Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11 Insider Preview a few days ago. The current version is Build 22478.1012. It makes some interesting changes to the operating system. The latest version includes the new Fluent emoji that users have been waiting for, or does it? Take a look at the new emojis.

Here is a screenshot from the Microsoft Design blog, which showed the fluid 3D emoji.

Windows 11 3D Emojis

If you look at both images, you can tell that the design of the emojis is not even close. Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program, posted a Tweet in response to a user who complained about the emojis. The White said that “they” (the Marketing team) used the wrong graphics, and that Windows 11 will use the 2D versions.

The 2D emojis are an upgrade from the current versions, but these 3D emojis looked really crisp. That said, people aren’t switching to a new operating system just for emojis, do they? Well I guess we should insert a sad face emoji here.

Moving on to the next big change, the new version of Windows 11 Insider Preview lets you quickly change the volume. Currently, you either have to rely on the media keys on your keyboard, or click the Volume icon in the system tray and then drag the slide (or use the mouse wheel) to adjust the sound levels. The new preview version allows you to adjust the volume by hovering the mouse over the Volume icon and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

If you’ve used Windows 11’s built-in file manager, you might have noticed that it takes a second or two to complete various tasks. Build 22478 ships with a fix for poor file explorer performance. The latest version also prevents action center from getting stuck and unresponsive.

Interestingly, some users report that they have empty tabs in Windows 11 Task Manager. A few others say they encountered a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error while updating to the new version. There are a few other known issues with this version, the search function may not work properly, and to fix this you need to open the Run (Win + R) dialog box and close it. For the full list of known issues, see the official announcement.

Microsoft is introducing a new process for the update experience called Update Stack Packages. It was implemented in the development channel from version 22478 and will allow the installation of patches before installing a monthly update or feature. You can toggle the option for this feature from the Settings> Windows Update screen.

If you are currently enrolled in the Windows 11 Insider Preview program, you will see a Windows update titled KB5007328. Download and install it to fix your operating system to version 22478.1012.

Microsoft has also released a few new wallpapers to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Windows Insider program.

New Windows Insider Program Wallpaper Light Theme

You can download the light theme and dark theme wallpapers from the official website.

New dark theme of Windows Insider program

If you are using the stable version of Windows 11 or Windows 10 and want similar functionality, try the open source program, TbVolScroll.


Windows 11 Insider Preview adds smooth emojis and a new way to change volume

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Windows 11 Insider Preview adds smooth emojis and a new way to change volume

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The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview supports Fluent Emojis. It also features a quick way to adjust the volume using your mouse wheel.




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