Loans, access to credit & egrave; difficult for green companies

The financial liquidity crisis affects the green economy , with significant consequences for the sector, a strategic asset to ensure environmental sustainability in the 21st century. Almost one small business out of two has difficulty accessing credit (46.5%). The figure emerges from a research by the Second Observatory on small green business, carried out on a sample of 400 small businesses (less than 20 employees) operating in the sectors of renewable energy, environmental protection, certification and environmental consultancy. of waste recycling.

“The data is even more worrying – say the researchers  – because small green companies do not need credit


Just to manage the daily operations for the survival of the company (the payment of employees, suppliers, taxes), but they must consolidate the core business. 48.3% of green small businesses turn to banks due to lack of liquidity (however much less than other small businesses which stand at 57.1%). There is a substantial part (41.4%) that wants to make new investments “.

Let’s go into detail. 29.0% of small green companies encounter some difficulties, 10.1% register many impediments and at 7.4% it was not possible to obtain credit. Small green companies find it more difficult to obtain credit than other small businesses (43.3%).

The demand for excessive guarantees (42.1%) and the presence of too high-interest rates (36.8%) are the main factors affecting credit access. Other difficulties in accessing credit consist of too high bank costs (10.5% of small green companies; 12.8% of small companies) and too long times and procedures (6.7% of small green companies; 7, 4% of small businesses). It is exciting to compare the reasons that lead small businesses to turn to credit. Almost one small green business out of two turned to banks for lack of liquidity (48.3%).

However, the lack of liquidity makes other small businesses suffer much more (even 57.1% of these turned to banks to support the company in crisis)

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Another substantial part of small green companies turns to credit institutions in order to be able to make new investments (this is 41.4% of small green companies compared to 33.0% of small businesses in general). The negative prospects for access to credit indicate how the sentiment of small businesses is getting worse. More than a small green company out of two (53.5%) believes that it would have difficulty obtaining credit if it went to the bank. 38.1% of green small businesses claim that they would encounter some difficulties, 11.1% many difficulties and 4.3% would even be impossible to obtain credit.