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Sydney International Piano Competition (The Sydney) proudly ranks among the greatest piano competitions in the world and will be held again in July 2023 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney has in recent years grown and nurtured its reach to include a range of activities through an annual calendar of events and the creation of new projects, both live and online. Activities include national and international tours of competition winners, an online amateur competition for Australian and Zealand pianists, Composing the Future for Australian composers and, new for 2022, a regional piano festival weekend.

Since its creation in 1977, it has organized events at the highest international level inspiring pianists and the public and stimulating interest in the piano and music in general. It has provided a showcase platform for outstanding pianists around the world and aided in the development of their careers as concert artists. In 2022 and the years to come The Sydney will continue this proud tradition.

The role

The Director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for all marketing, sales and promotional activities resulting in the achievement of sales and advertising targets, number of candidates and successful brand presence in the international market. and Australian from the Sydney International Online Piano Competition and its festivals. , events and activities. The role will develop audiences through a variety of traditional and digital platforms ensuring awareness and participation, including conversion into ticket sales. The role is responsible for managing and generating revenue from ticket sales as well as revenue from other business avenues e.g. advertising revenue, merchandise, etc. Internal design elements of social media and event materials are central to the implementation of activities, as are integrated external communications. of all media activities to comprehensively drive market and sales strategies. The responsibilities of the Director of Marketing and Communications are synchronized with the activities of the Sponsorship and Operations team members and is a senior member of The Sydney‘to smoke.

Specific responsibilities (including but not limited to):

Strategy, planning and analysis

  • Draft and implement a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that includes the essential aspects of traditional and digital marketing (including niche marketing), sales, ticketing management and public relations.
  • Develop individual plans and actions for marketing and communications strategy projects/activities, including but not limited to:
    • comprehensive international outreach and call for applications for competitors in The Sydney 2023
    • a comprehensive plan focused on promotion and sales for the 2022 ‘Out West Piano Fest’ and Alexander Gadjiev’s national tour
    • a forecast of ticketing revenue and a plan for obtaining ticketing revenue from the competition and other activities
    • a comprehensive media and media engagement plan for all activities
    • a dedicated social media plan
  • Work with 5Stream and ABC to manage the structure, storyboard plans and implement actions for the 2023 contest online broadcast
  • Analyze, evaluate and report on the effectiveness of all ongoing digital marketing campaigns and strategies ensuring they deliver an effective return on investment and define future business
  • Regularly extract segmented marketing data reports from the ticketing system that will inform analysis and refine the results of marketing initiatives and inform future initiatives
  • Manage and ensure an active plan is developed to maintain The Sydneythe database(s) of
  • Make sure the brand of The Sydney is maintained and evolves naturally to reinforce the objectives of the marketing and communication strategy

Traditional and digital marketing

  • Manage the creation and production of all print designs eg programs, invitations, certificates, signage etc. for the 2023 contest and selected activities in 2022 with an external designer
  • Prepare all internal media, including design layout (using provided templates and next-gen in Canva or similar design software), copy-editing and proofreading for digital and print concert programs , monthly e-newsletter, social media posts (photos and videos), etc., ensuring relevant content, messages and branding are communicated consistently across the website, social media, electronic mailings and printed marketing materials
  • Maintaining the website, including but not limited to content uploading, content optimization, application procedures, ticket and box office information, promotions, partner events, etc.
  • Coordinate all social media platformss (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) and email newsletter activity, including creating content (photo and video), simple designs, scheduling posts, coordinating promotions, moderating comments , engagement with industry-relevant content, engaging and keeping up-to-date with past winners of The Sydney
  • Catalog and use existing audio, video and fixed resources for the implementation of the marketing and communication strategy


  • Work with an external design agency (to be named), an external PR agency and external outreach partners, to develop and achieve specific objectives for the 2023 competition
  • Managing the Sydney Opera House external ticket office for the 2023 competition
  • Identify international partnerships for marketing exposure to drive online sales, especially in the Chinese market
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with the media and media, arts organizations, music schools, stakeholders and the local community to support the objectives of the marketing and communications strategy and plans
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with key contacts, media, media, stakeholders and online audiences to ensure The Sydneybrand image and key messages are accurately communicated and represented in all relevant documents
  • All staff will work to develop effective and relevant external communications for all activities and events of The Sydney

Audience building and partnerships

  • Manipulate the Tessitura database to help develop loyalty strategies and especially audience growth, mainly in Australia, but also internationally
  • Target the right audience segments and think “outside the square” to amplify audiences
  • Set and implement growth goals for audiences
  • Work with external partners to leverage collaborations

Media communications

  • Identify and liaise with key media and news outlets for the promotion of The Sydneys Activities
  • Develop effective media communications strategies, including writing press releases and statements and pitching content to the media
  • Maintain and improve media database, including identifying new media sources in Australia and overseas
  • Record and document all media coverage for archival purposes


  • Coordinate and manage the photography and/or videography of The Sydney including but not limited to planning, use of documentation, archiving of documentation, permission to use documentation, etc.


  • With the General Manager, create and work with defined budgets that achieve sales and promotion goals
  • Implement, manage, monitor and report on all budgetary expenditures and revenues related to the activities of the marketing and communication strategy and plans
  • Maintain expense documents and approvals to satisfy The Sydneyprocedures for and to avoid overspending, including obtaining purchase orders for all external vendors
  • Identify areas of profitability and savings in expense budgets and areas of improvement in revenue generation


  • Write a detailed report on marketing activities and achievements for the Board of Directors
  • Attend events and functions as needed
  • Other duties reasonably required by the General Manager


1. Experience in a senior role in cultural marketing and communication

2. Expertise in budgeting, setting and achieving revenue and expense goals

3. Demonstrated ability to design schedules, processes and systems and to implement such

4. Experience in digital marketing platforms, including basic design

5. Experience working with and managing the media and media

6. Excellent communication skills, including written and verbal communication and the ability to work in a team environment

7. Proven and well-developed administrative and computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook), with a high level of attention to detail, accuracy and efficiency

Desirable but not a prerequisite

1. Experience working with WordPress, Canva or Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.

2. Experience working with Tessitura

3. Experience working with membership programs e.g. “Friends of”


Occupational Health and Safety and Employment Equity:

The Sydney International Piano Competition is committed to high performance standards in occupational health and safety and equal employment opportunity. All employees must participate in the maintenance of safe working conditions and practices, as well as in promoting and respecting the principle of fair and equitable access to employment/promotion, personal development and training and elimination of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Working conditions

This The position is a flexible working position, both in the office and at home, as needed. Normal working hours will be 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a daily one hour lunch break. There will be out of hours work for which no additional payment is given although there is a time off policy in place. Hours of work will include weekend and on-call response during the period leading up to and throughout the Sydney International Piano Competition and associated activities and events from time to time.

Annual leave and sick leave

Subject to the terms and conditions of the employment contract, the Employee shall be entitled to annual leave accumulated on a pro-rata basis at the rate of four weeks of annual leave for 52 weeks worked. No leave charge will be paid.

The Sydney International Piano Competition is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

To apply, please address the SEVEN selection criteria in a cover letter of no more than two A4 pages and by e-mail, together with your CV, to Managing Director Marcus Barker [email protected] before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.


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