Master the Monster launches an end-to-end digital marketplace

  • The platform saves brands and production partners up to 30% of the time spent on sourcing, sourcing and producing audio-visual content, from social music videos to augmented reality and reality Virtual

  • L’Oréal and McDonalds among the first customers to offer production offers for content creation

The best digital production secret outside of France officially makes its US debut; Master the Monster (MTM) launches Stateside with its global production marketplace and end-to-end video creation platform. Led by Elie Ohayon, former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi France and McCann Paris, the platform is expanding its footprint to help US brands deliver audiovisual content to their audiences while saving up to 30% of the time usually spent on production. .

According to a Cisco study, video represents more than 82% of internet traffic (15 times more than in 2017). Additionally, 81% of businesses worldwide use video for their content marketing according to Techjury. As pandemic culture and social media audiences are the first to prioritize video content, businesses of all sizes face a growing need to quickly resource video to meet demand. This frenetic enthusiasm, both internally and externally, for video production has therefore led to a rebalancing of their advertising budget, which can total more than 35% of total advertising budgets.

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“It’s the most complete production solution we’ve found.

Brands around the world are being forced to become content factories, but many teams lack the expertise or capacity to create videos in-house, especially in high volumes. Many factors lengthen production times, including finding producers, short creation, and non-standardized approval/procurement processes.

“To be visible to their audiences, businesses of all sizes have no choice but to invest in the production of ever-increasing video content,” Elie said. “That’s why Master the Monster, a producer-matching platform, brings video creation and production to everyone through a single management solution for remote first-timers and directly addresses the imbalance with the creative staff holes.”

MTM gives direct and instant access to a varied selection of production companies classified according to several criteria: quality, specialization, geographical location and competitiveness. By offering the ability to select up to three production companies who will respond to each proposal through MTM’s proprietary bidding process tool, MTM guarantees the fairest price for any company’s needs. With a simple query on the MTM platform, which takes no more than three minutes, MTM selects the production companies that best match a brand’s needs.

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MTM also offers live collaborative tools (such as video calls, chat, live validations, annotation tools for audio/video/photo) all within the platform which enhance its solution streamlined workflow to monitor the video production process. This standardized step-by-step workflow provides anyone, regardless of production expertise, with the tools to dramatically reduce the time it takes to translate a great idea into a video that can be shared at the right time, on the right medium.

“MTM has invented a new model that has helped us quickly deliver our global corporate vision film with a high level of quality,” said Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, Global President of L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division. “It’s the most complete production solution we’ve found.

For production partners looking to bid on new client projects, MTM offers a decentralized space that puts them on equal footing with major studios and other production companies. MTM reduces the often confusing procurement process on the client and producer side with a template brief, checklist and client requirements that contain everything they need to present, reducing any friction or bottlenecks. involuntary strangulation that accompanies collaborative work for the first (or hundredth) time. MTM is equally profitable for both participants; when a pitch is won, MTM only takes 5% of the total budget of the project from the producers and 10% of the budget from the brands in commission.


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