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ONTARIO, California., February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mastering the PoP (profitability rather than popularity), a SoCal Digital Marketing and SEO Coaching The company is excited to launch its new approach to e-commerce growth and partnership– eliminate decision fatigue for e-commerce merchants. Partnering with Mastering PoP gives you consolidated knowledge for every channel in your business at a low cost to you. This includes expertise in SEO, email marketing, partnerships, link building, conversion optimization, and more. Instead of using different agencies to do different things, you work with fewer people, but with more prowess.

Mastering PoP launches their coaching program by boosting your SEO by performing keyword research, writing up to 25 title tags, meta descriptions and setting up Google Analytics and Search Console.

The company offers coaching and courses that help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprise digital departments improve their search engine visibility. Created in 2021, Mastering PoP is the result of Tia Jones. With over 16 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO with Fortune 500 companies, Tia has taken countless brands to new heights of success.

The concept behind Mastering PoP is to take the decision fatigue out of e-commerce store owners by assigning them tasks that will help get things done in their business. We incorporate multiple teaching methods such as video tutorials, Clubhouse audio recordings and live Zoom calls to ensure everyone is learning in an engaging environment,” says Tia Jones.

In a short time, Mastering PoP has grown exponentially and prides itself on its ability to guide online store owners in their digital marketing strategy. Mastering PoP members include companies from a multitude of retail industries, including handmade soap bar, mental health, African interior decoration, custom designer jewelry, paparazzi jewelry and more! Master the original members of PoP, Milton’s Daughter scaled to 5 figures per month in just under 6 months and Shop Guns and Beadsa retailer for Women’s clothing also experienced a significant increase in revenue.

For only $37 per week, Mastering PoP membership also includes monthly SEO and keyword reports, personalized content, backlink and partnership recommendations, email marketing support, group coaching, follow-up results and a supportive community of peers who hold each other accountable to their goals.

Mastering PoP incorporates self-taught, tried and tested theories into their courses. Founder Tia Jonesowns several e-commerce stores, with Flower Power Packagesa cannabis packaging and dispensary supply store, being the most profitable.

About PoP Mastery
Mastering PoP is a digital marketing and SEO company that offers tools, resources, courses, and a community for e-commerce store owners. From the implementation of digital marketing and SEO strategies to hands-on support and targeted intensive coaching.

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