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Minecraft is more popular than ever, with Mojang significantly expanding the sandbox title through updates following its $2.5 billion purchase by Microsoft in 2014. Although it has over 10 years of history in as a juggernaut of content creation, Minecraft The YouTube videos hit a collective trillion views late last year after updates that fleshed out various biomes and other realms such as the Nether. Next on the register is Minecraft‘s The Wild Update, which will add more content in swamps and birch forests, as well as an underground place of interest called the Deep Dark.


Between new mobs like frogs or nigh-unstoppable guardians, and mangrove trees or proximity redstone emitters like the sculk sensor, The Wild Update should do well to flesh out Minecraftthe environments. Following the two-part Caves and Cliffs update that changed mountain and underground terrain generation, it’s clear that Mojang is interested in giving each part of the voxel-based world its due. Next on the list should be beach biomes, which were largely untouched in previous shifts to ocean content.

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Minecraft Aquatic Left Beaches in the Wake Update

Promo art for Minecraft Update Aquatic depicting Steve and Alex swimming with a trident and dolphins in a coral reef

In 2018, Minecraft‘s Update Aquatic completely changed the way the oceans could be explored. Massive oceans were divided into different types of biomes, from standard oceans to deep oceans with differences in frozen, cold, warm, or hot regions (depending on which land biomes they spawned near). Coral, kelp, and other environmental blocks have been added alongside items such as tridents. Not only that, structures like shipwrecks were introduced which often hid buried treasure maps.

Mobs such as friendly dolphins or turtles, and an underwater variant of zombies called Drowned, were introduced. However, not all of the additions in Update Aquatic are ocean-specific. Items like trapdoors received variations based on the type of wooden players used, and axes got the ability to strip bark from tree logs. One of the first crowds voted by the Minecraft The community was also added in this update, Phantoms, and this tradition will continue with the Wild update preparing to introduce the Allay.

Perhaps the biggest change in Update Aquatic was an all-new swimming mechanic. Using the control scheme that otherwise results in a sprint, players would dive and move faster, with their movements acting more like a traditional swim rather than walking underwater. With the oceans beautified, Mojang turned its attention to villages, beekeeping, and Nether Dimension updates. However, while other aquatic mobs like the axolotl would be introduced over time, the beaches leading to the ocean biomes have yet to receive well-deserved attention.

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How Minecraft Ranges Could Be Expanded

minecraft ocean tropical fish

As of this writing, there isn’t much to see before diving into one of the Minecraftthe oceans. There are standard sandy beaches, “stony coast” beaches in areas where mountainous terrain generates next to the ocean, or “snowy” beaches when oceans spawn next to icy biomes. Shipwrecks can occasionally spawn on beaches, and buried treasure maps tend to lead players to a beach, but beaches don’t offer much unique content beyond turtles – including scales (dropped by babies ) can be used to create a turtle shell helmet or brew a unique potion.

There is huge potential for new beach updates taking inspiration from different parts of the world. Overall, these biomes could be expanded, providing room for structures such as sandcastles that act as small desert temples. The new palms could become the signature type of wood for adventurers settling to create a resort, with coconuts rather than traditional apples. Mobs associated with the beach, such as crabs, could be introduced and possibly inspired by Forbidden Horizon West burrowing into the sand if players get too close.

While the image of pristine sandy beaches would make an obvious figurehead for the update, alternative biomes could be implemented. For example, gravel beaches or those covered with dry seaweed would offer variety. Rarer versions such as the black sand beaches found in Hawai’i might offer a new boulder type, and Minecraft could mean beaches that replace turtles with crowds of sunbathing seals. After The Wild Update touched up swamps and birch forests, the beach seems like an obvious place for Mojang to get its attention.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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