ModWash automatic car wash arrives at West 26th Street in Millcreek


A second ModWash automatic car wash could be opened in Erie County next year.

The Tennessee-based company is building its first car wash in Erie County at 4234 Buffalo Road in Harborcreek.

In Harborcreek:ModWash to build automatic car wash on Buffalo Road

Another is planned on a vacant lot on the north side of West 26th Street in Millcreek, between Long John Silver’s and Arby’s, just east of Peninsula Drive. The 4,464-square-foot building is slated for construction next year, according to the company’s website.

There will be an “insect prep area” where customers can park and use a brush to scrub bugs from the windshield and front of the car before washing.

When drivers enter the property, they will use one of the three paid kiosks to enter the car wash. One of the kiosks will be for customers with monthly subscriptions for unlimited washes. The kiosk will read license plates to recognize prepaid customers, according to Mark Zimmerman, of Morris Knowles & Associates of Delmont. The engineering company detailed ModWash’s land use plan for the Millcreek Township Planning Commission on Tuesday.

A free suction station will be made available to customers after washing.

Car wash employees will include a site manager, payroll attendant and attendant to guide vehicles on the automatic conveyor system.

Single washes start at $ 10, according to the ModWash website. Monthly subscriptions for unlimited washes range from $ 19.99 to $ 39.99, depending on the services selected.

ModWash operates or builds car washes in 13 states. The company announced late last year that it intends to have 16 car washes in operation by the end of 2020, with another 30 in operation in 2021 and more than 100 open by the end of 2023. .

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The company initially announced that there would be 15 ModWash locations in Pennsylvania. Its website now lists 23 Pennsylvania sites open, under construction, or open in 2022.

Solve water circulation and runoff problems

The Millcreek Township Planning Commission on Tuesday approved ModWash’s land use plan, but with certain conditions, including building the car wash as far from the road as possible to accommodate more cars on the property. and avoid traffic problems on 26 West. Street.

Traffic could be backing up on West 26th Street as cars attempt to enter the car wash, said Gene Strohmeyer, chairman of the planning committee.

“After seeing the Delta Sonic on Peach Street on a Saturday afternoon and lines of cars trying to get in… you might find yourself with cars lining up to enter this place on 26th Street, where the turn lane for Peninsula Drive is just beginning and others are trying to cross that lane out of place, ”Strohmeyer said.

The ModWash conveyor system will be able to accommodate four cars at a time, and the cars will move quickly through the wash, Zimmerman said. The site manager will also be able to direct vehicles to the property, he said.

Neighboring homeowners and emergency service officials have expressed concern that water from the car wash could overwhelm a nearby stream, causing flooding.

A retention pond on the property will capture the runoff and release it slowly, Zimmerman said. Township engineers must review and approve the storm water plan before construction can begin.

Township supervisors must also approve the land use plan, including stormwater provisions. Supervisors are expected to vote on the plan at their October 26 business meeting.

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