North Coast company ‘Triovia’ to revolutionize businesses with digital marketing and social media skills


A North Coast company is set to revolutionize the way local businesses operate as it prepares for the beta release of its innovative digital skills training platform.

Triovia provides users with advanced digital marketing and social media marketing skills to increase productivity, performance and sales. With the ever increasing importance of online presence, this platform couldn’t have come at a better time.

A company spokesperson explained, “Today, small business owners must implement effective social media and digital marketing strategies if they are to survive.

“Optimized websites, engaging social media pages and email marketing plans are necessary if a business wants to stand out from the crowd. However, the reality is that most small business owners focus on what they know best, which is taking care of existing customers. Businesses lack information and knowledge about the digital landscape; the opportunities it presents and the uncertainty of where to start are most likely to apply ineffective approaches.

Explaining the benefits of joining the Triovia community, the spokesperson continued: “You will initially receive coaching on developing a social media strategy, a course on digital fundamentals and a course on navigating the commerce scene. electronically through platforms such as Shopify.

“The program, formulated in small training modules for online delivery, is simple to understand and easy to implement. It transforms the way small business owners operate in today’s digital and social media-driven marketplace. »

Some of the topics covered in the course will help businesses measure and increase the quality and quantity of traffic to their online media spaces such as web development, SEO, and Google Analytics. Other topics include brand building, content creation, paid advertising, social media management, email marketing, and list building.

“In developing Triovia, we listened to exactly what today’s business owners want and need,” the spokesperson added.

“Triovia was designed and built to fill a gap in the market and will provide the knowledge, skills and community of practice for businesses leveraging digital platforms. Content is delivered in a simple, small-sized video format – helping businesses outpace competitors, reduce operating costs and increase sales.

“At Triovia, we exist to help small business owners gain the knowledge they need to understand and use today’s digital economy and it all comes to life through the education platform.”

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