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WHEELING – Ohio County municipalities will be asked to work together over the coming months to determine how to allocate the more than $ 4 million in funding owed to the county under the US bailout.

At Tuesday’s meeting, it was announced that Ohio County would receive $ 4,021,800.50 through the US bailout, which provides federal relief funds to reimburse municipalities for the economic damage caused. by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commissioner Zach Abraham said the commission will take the next few months to discuss how the funding will be disbursed locally.

“They’re encouraging cities and counties to work together to make a contribution to the community, so we’re going to find that,” Abraham said. “We asked (CFO Rodd Archey) and (Administrator Randy Russell) to think it over, look at the details and see how we want to do it for our communities.

“It will probably take a few months, I imagine, and I will probably have meetings, or virtual meetings, to get advice from municipalities and / or other citizens, and figure out what the plan is,” he added.

In other areas, the county courthouse HVAC replacement project, currently in the design phase, is expected to go to tender by September. Archey said the current HVAC system is over three decades old, which now requires external equipment to keep the building bearable.

“The building’s HVAC system was last updated 32 years ago, so we’re at the point where the systems are breaking down completely; that’s the reason you see the portable cooler sitting in the alley over there ”, he said. “They are in the process of designing an entirely new system, and we may be able to bid here in September.”

Heapy Engineering, Inc. is providing the design work for the project.

Additionally, Abraham showcased the commission’s new website, along with the associated mobile app, Ohio County Connect, which is now available through the Android and Apple app stores, or available for download from the commission’s website. .

“We can start passing information to citizens as soon as we get it, so we encourage all citizens to download the app, get updates, in terms of any kind of issue going on”, he said.

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