Provi provides solution for the alcohol industry in New York


B2B e-commerce marketplace Provi, which provides services to the alcoholic beverage industry, is rolling out a free online ordering solution for distributors in New York City that will ease the B2B buying process on a Wednesday, June 16. Press release mentionned.

Provi will partner with Empire Merchants, Empire Merchants North, and Manhattan Beer – all New York-area distributors – as part of the rollout.

This will allow customers to see more accurate prices and ways to see discounts, allowing customers to budget. As a contactless platform, users will be able to place orders “24/7” through Provi, the statement noted.

According to the release, Provi’s services help streamline the ordering process for distributors, who often add around 50 to 100 products each year. Because of this, it can become difficult for retailers to keep up with customer demands, and business growth can be hampered by spending too much time processing orders.

Eric Pfeil, President and CEO of Empire, said the company is looking for new ways to enter the digital market. He said Empire’s responsibility is to “protect, enhance and optimize the community of retailers we serve.”

Joe minnix, director of e-commerce at Manhattan Beer, said he heard from customers looking for on-demand self-service portals that allow them to review various products for comparison and research. He said Provi will help Manhattan Beer add an on-demand online shopping service.

Retailers and businesses working with alcoholic beverages have not traditionally been modernized in terms of implementing a buy-to-pay process. PYMNTS reported that the Vice President of Product of Provi Ashley phillips said the problem often stems from the complexity of regulatory requirements. If not followed properly, fines can result.

Successful B2B payments come from the alcohol industry, as in others, from trust, with sellers needing assurance that their payments will be made, and buyers having to be confident that transactions will be completed on time. timely with the technology used.



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