Radio Caca (RACA) cooperates with ITU Blockchain and METU Blockchain, carrying out various types of NFT activities, creating a pluralistic USM metaverse


Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – Feb. 11, 2022) – Recently, Radio Caca (RACA), Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Blockchain and Middle East Technical University (METU) Blockchain ) have entered into a strategic cooperation to hold NFT exhibitions, seminars, ceremonies and other field activities of the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse of Radio Caca (RACA) to jointly build a pluralistic 3D virtual world .

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Istanbul Technical University (commonly known as ITU or the Technical University) and Middle East Technical University (commonly known as METU) are two of the most competitive and well-known universities in Turkey. The cooperation with the blockchain associations of these two universities will open a new chapter for Radio Caca (RACA). Thanks to Turkish enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and front-page coverage of Radio Caca’s (RACA) USM metaverse by a famous local media outlet, people in the country are getting excited and starting to pay close attention to Radio Caca. (RACA).

United States of Mars (USM) is a unique 3D sci-fi MMORPG metaverse launched by Radio Caca (RACA) in December 2021 aimed at satisfying the human desire to own land and have a home that lasts. NFTs allow users to own government-certified deed-free land in the USM metaverse, to construct commercial buildings such as stores, cinemas, art galleries. In addition, users have many activities to do and sometimes even get paid: socializing, playing games together or even creating their own NFTs. Students, faculty, and alumni can host weddings, graduations, birthdays, and other events in Radio Caca’s USM Metaverse (RACA).

Radio Caca (RACA) has a deep understanding of NFT and Metaverse concepts and economic system design. Radio Caca (RACA) will build a Metaverse ecosystem that synergizes the concepts of web3.0+NFT+Social-Fi+DAO. Establishing strategic cooperation with the blockchain associations of two well-known universities in Turkey is an important step for the growth of the ecosystem. Radio Caca USM Metaverse will jointly design and develop various concepts and cooperations with ITU and METU Blockchain Community on the following aspects:

1. Immersive experience

The three-dimensional medium of the USM Metaverse allows people to obtain immersive experiences beyond those of the real world. People’s options are no longer bound by physical limits and new forms of creative events are now available. Live music concerts, theatrical movie premieres, or even personal interaction with favorite celebrities are accessible from the house.

2. Creation and distribution of NFT content

The Metaverse Radio Caca (RACA) USM is an ideal platform for community artists to promote work. Geolocations will no longer be a limiting factor for the artistic potential of creative minds.

Land is still considered the most valuable asset on earth because land can be developed to be productive. In the USM metaverse, landowners are motivated to invest capital to build buildings where commerce can take place – whether it’s a gallery, a shop, or a football stadium that attracts visitors. thousands of spectators. Radio Caca (RACA) will strive to bring merchants closer to customers and facilitate all kinds of commerce. Entrepreneurship will take off among community members, and true commerce will emerge and become a kick-starting force for the metaverse economy.

3. Online training and virtual office

Thanks to the pandemic, virtual classrooms and offices are seeing demands in the USM metaverse. Reducing risk while increasing productivity is in everyone’s interest.

All of the above will soon be built on the ever-growing USM metaverse. While being somewhat speculative vehicles, NFTs have real potentials that reside in fundamentally shifting relations of production. Many previously intangible value creations can now be monetized and power has shifted from cooperations to individuals in a very decentralized and profound way. Radio Caca (RACA) is developing the USM Metaverse to capture the momentum of this enabling technology and position itself ahead of the next wave of creativity explosion to be activated by it.

In the future, collaborating with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Middle East Technical University (METU) Blockchain companies to bring content, talents and all kinds of values ​​to the ecosystem, Radio Caca (RACA) and the USM Metaverse will continue to drive the industry forward and commit to building a creative and empowering future that is inclusive for all.

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