Real estate PR firm Lion & Orb embarks on paid digital marketing


Real estate media relations consultant Lion & Orb has developed a digital advertising product to help clients create and manage advertising campaigns on popular web platforms.

Leveraging the reach of Meta Facebook and Instagram products, as well as Google’s search algorithm, +AdStudio users can design ad creatives, easily determine daily budgets, and determine campaign timelines in a user-friendly interface. unison with Evocalize, an established Seattle-based real estate technology company.

Historically, Lion & Orb has assisted clients with media outreach and news distribution. The advertising solution is designed to help its clients maximize positive industry media placements and support these instances with far-reaching digital brand plans.

“We realized early on that when we were able to secure media placements for our clients, we needed a tool to quickly promote articles featuring their products and services, for an extended period of time, as a sales tool,” said Audie Chamberlain, founder of Lion. & Orb, in a statement. “With +AdStudio, we’ve really connected these dots, making digital advertising easy, profitable and efficient to execute.”

Chamberlain also said +AdStudio can be scaled to meet the needs of single agents and large brokerage firms.

Property entry is made efficient with regional MLS data integrations, allowing agents to advertise new listings, just-sold homes, upcoming listings and open houses, among other listing-specific announcements .

Campaign audiences can be personalized or designed using “personas”, a web marketing term for discovering new leads based on the behavior of demographically similar groups. In the case of real estate, new leads for a property can be found by analyzing who has already viewed, liked or saved that ad.

Lion & Orb management said they are very excited about PressLeads, an ad campaign model within +AdStudio that captures recent headlines to use as ad content, nudging audiences toward positive media placements.

PressLeads was tested by off-exchange listing startup DropOffer.

“Results included a 200% increase in daily signups with a cost per new signup of $3.00 and a cost per impression of $0.04,” Lion & Orb said in a statement.

Lion & Orb technology partner Evocalize specializes in creating white label digital advertising content solutions. In June 2021, it announced a broad partnership with web developer and digital marketer Tribus to offer their users access to its advertising tools.

An Inman review of +AdStudio is coming soon.

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