Scratchpay Recovers $ 65 Million in Debt and Equity to Help More Animals Access Veterinary Care with Simple, User-Friendly Payment Options


The equity portion of the round, led by Companion Fund, with participation from TTV Capital, FJ Labs and Struck Capital, will be used to invest in product development and advance Scratchpay’s proprietary underwriting model. The debt part of the turn, a $ 50 million warehouse with Credit Suisse, will be used to help Scratchpay meet the growing demand from pet owners for the company’s simple and user-friendly payment options.

Each year in the United States, millions of pets do not receive the care they need due to financial constraints from the pet owner. Scratchpay leverages proprietary data elements, advanced machine learning models, and other alternative data sources to fund care for as many pets as possible.

“One of our goals is financial inclusion – you no longer need a perfect FICO score to be eligible for funding,” said John keatley, CEO of Scratchpay. Adding that, “unlike payment options which have deferred interest and unforeseen costs, Scratchpay clearly shows customers their payment terms in advance.”

Since launching in 2016, Scratchpay has helped more than 70,000 pets receive life-saving veterinary care through its mobile finance platform that offers transparent plans with no hidden fees or deferred interest, and no impact on your credit score. their owners when they compare payment options.

Scratchpay has been widely adopted by veterinarians and is now in partnership with over 5,000 pet hospitals in all 50 US states, Washington DC, and nine Canadian provinces to offer smart, user-friendly and simple payment plans.

About Scratchpay
Scratch Financial, Inc. (also known as Scratchpay) is a financial technology company that offers simple, user-friendly payment plans for veterinary care. Founded in 2016 by John keatley and Caleb Morse and headquartered at Los Angeles, Scratchpay’s mission is to help more animals access the care they need to live happy lives. Scratchpay has partnered with over 5,000 veterinary hospitals and helped tens of thousands of pets receive veterinary care. For more information on Scratchpay, visit or

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