Seven Sunday Films signs with legendary director Alex Proyas


In a major blow to creativity in the region, global production company Seven Sunday Films is delighted to announce that acclaimed Hollywood director Alex Proyas has joined its roster of top directors and is now available exclusively for commercial production at across Asia.

Born in Egypt and of Greek descent, Australian director/screenwriter/producer Alex Proyas developed a burning passion for cinema at an early age. His early shorts were highly acclaimed, receiving numerous nominations and awards on the international film festival circuit, including Melbourne, London and Cannes.

His early career produced many influential and iconic music videos and advertising campaigns, for which he received several Best Director awards. And the commercials he has produced have been among the most awarded in all the major international award ceremonies.

Alex went on to build an influential career with feature films topping cult and commercial successes. These include: SPIRITS (1989), THE CROW (1994), DARK CITY (1998), GARAGE DAYS (2002), followed by I, ROBOT (2004) with Will Smith, & KNOWING (2009) with Nicolas Cage, and his most recent feature film GODS OF EGYPT (2016),

His recent short films have also been acclaimed. These include STRANGE NOSTALGIA, Best Experimental Film at numerous film festivals, and MASQUE OF THE EVIL APPARITION, another hit on the festival circuit with numerous Best Picture and Best Director awards.

See Alex’s reel here.

Proyas says, “Advertising has always been the foundation of my exploration and experimentation with new crafts and techniques and I look forward to bringing this new paradigm-shifting methodology, along with the acumen of storytelling that I have. have developed on feature films, to a new era of content creation. Unbridled by the limits of imagination or creativity, I am delighted to work with SSF, agencies and brands on campaigns to push the medium towards a new future without limits”.

“I am truly honored to have Alex join our list of already talented directors, adding someone from the Alex statue, 100% shows that SSF is committed to bringing some of the world’s best talent to the region. Alex also launched a streaming platform for independent short films and built a state-of-the-art virtual production studio designed to revolutionize the way films are made,” added Stephen Douglas, Executive Director of Seven Sunday Films. .


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