‘Stranger Things’ Takes ‘Running Up That Hill’ Higher – 100MM + YouTube Views


After being included in ‘Stranger Things’, English singer/songwriter Kate Bush topped the US charts and broke records on the UK charts. Now, his official music video from 1985 is racking up enough views on YouTube to match BTS and younger artists — a phenomenal feat for an older artist, especially one who hasn’t released an album since 2011.

The official music video for “Running Up That Hill” has reached a milestone on YouTube—100+ million views. Touted as a remarkable achievement for a 37-year-old song first posted to YouTube in January 2011, the 100 million view mark puts Kate Bush in league with BTS and a few other young artists.

Additionally, the 63-year-old Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is nearing 500 million streams on Spotify and remains No. 1 on Spotify’s weekly global chart. Revenues from the track are also skyrocketing.

Surprisingly, “Running Up That Hill” isn’t the only favorite Bush song. This recent popularity propels other Kate Bush singles into the spotlight. The relatively young “Stranger Things” audience seems to be exploring Kate’s other material, and her 1978 debut single “Wuthering Heights” is now gaining momentum on the charts. Last month, the song entered the US Spotify Viral 100 chart; last week it was No. 4 on the US Billboard Hit 100. Even Bush’s 1895 release, “Hounds of Love,” topped the Billboard Catalog album chart this week.

“Running Up That Hill” gave Kate Bush her first US top 10 37 years after its release. In an interview with Radio 4 last month, Bush admitted, “I never imagined it would be something like this.”

It’s very unusual for an old song to re-enter the charts in this way. Originally released in 1985, Bush’s track also broke several UK chart records by reaching number one. After debuting at number three on the charts 37 years ago, Kate Bush has become the oldest artist to top a singles chart in the UK. It’s also the longest a song has taken to reach number one since its release, and the event also marks the longest gap between No. 1 singles – with 44 years since its release “Wuthering Heights”. in 1978.

The “Stranger Things” feature isn’t the first time “Running Up That Hill” has appeared on a show.

In 2019, the song was included in episodes of HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, Showtime’s “On Becoming a God in Central Florida”, and ABC’s “How To Get Away with Murder” along with the 2018 pilot of “Pose ” from FX.

As YouTube views continue to surge, it’s clear the Netflix phenomenon “Stranger Things” has uncovered an old treasure trove for young audiences.

After this new found popularity, Kate Bush released a statement on her website saying the recent development was “really exciting”.


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