The all-terrain Islero concept is a rugged Lamborghini that loves the trails


When we hear the name Lamborghini, we immediately imagine a low-slung 2-door supercar. Lamborghini excels at making cars whose sole purpose in existence is to go fast and knock people down in plain sight. From the Countach to the Gallardo to the Huracan, Lamborghini cars are synonymous with emotional excitement and breaking records. But in the past, the Italian Bull has also built sports cars that seem far more sensible than the Aventador and Veneno.

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of grand tourers, supercars, and even SUVs from the manufacturer, but not a true off-roader. Converting a Lambo into an off-roader is a difficult task. But in the realms of digital rendering, anything is possible if you have the imagination for it. Digital artist Al Yasid is one of the best and most popular artists in this field, and he was up for the job. The Islero is a 1968-1969 Lamborghini grand tourer that replaced the 400 GT. But Al Yasid has turned it into something crazier than we can imagine.

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This Lambo Islero is no longer rational

The original Islero is a seemingly normal car, but with class. It also has pop-up headlights to up the style factor. But the Islero seen through the eyes of Al Yasid is nothing sober. The off-road Islero is so bonkers we wish Lamborghini would try building it in real life. The name Islero refers to a Miura bull that became famous (or infamous) after it killed the famous bullfighter Manoelete on August 28, 1947.

The image rendered by Al Yasid shows a baja Islero truck, which makes the name more apt for the car. Visually, Yasid had to describe it’s an Islero to know it’s an Islero. The Islero concept in Yazid’s design draws its headlights from the Sián. But that might not be enough for the night. So there are also rally headlights on the roof.

The front bumper uses splitters and racing elements in the classic Al Yasid way. He even chose the perfect orange contrast for the bumper with the matte gray body. The engine needs to breathe and stay cool, so there are circular vents on the hood that look sick. Speaking of which, the original Islero had a mild V12 engine, and this one would benefit from a V12 as well, but this one needs to be more powerful.

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Off-roading is no problem

Lamborghini islerlo
Via instagram @Al.yazid

This improved, or rather reinvented, Islero concept looks ready to tackle any desert course you throw at it. Those big, chunky tires and long-travel suspension seem to prove all naysayers and skeptics wrong in one fell swoop. If you find a design feature that will support its inspiration from an Islero, look no further than its side profile. Rather than a truck body, this one looks more like a coupe with more ground clearance.

While it’s not the same as the Islero, it certainly looks closer to it than a truck. The full-back could be the one to win the most hearts. This dual exhaust setup just above the knock bar bumper is so simple, yet so effective in form and function. If you liked what you saw in this creation, you might want to keep up to date with Yazid’s account. He mentioned that a few other Lamborghini concepts are in the works. With his imagination and proven track record, we look forward to what he has next in the pipeline.

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